Curve Digital have released a brand new trailer and patch for their very own PC arena shooter, Iron Fisticle, developed by Dave Parsons over at Confused Pelican Games.

ironfistm2This patch (which will be an automatic download via Steam) includes some major tweaks to the balance of the game, including three new difficulty modes with separate leaderboards, a rebalancing of the games bosses, bonus and co-op modes, and a new ‘challenge’ mode. More information on the details of the patch can be found on Curve Digital’s blog.

To celebrate, Iron Fisticle will be available on Steam for a 30% discount from 6PM GMT 22nd January until midnight on Sunday, 24th January. There should also be a discount showing on the Humble Bundle Store as well soon at 30% off also, but that is too be confirmed.

We very much recommend giving Iron Fisticle a go, its a classic pixel styled shooter, and well, just check the trailer below, you’ll be impressed!

Iron Fisticle – Trailer II