Dying Light, Alien: Isolation, DayZ, Volume and many others showcased this weekend.

This year’s line-up includes a rich mix of top independent game developers, triple-A console and PC productions, panels on what makes games tick featuring renowned creators – and even a live podcast.

Visitors to the show will be able to watch the sessions live throughout each day, while those following online can watch live streams at http://twitch.tv/egx.

The final additions to a line-up that already includes Alien: Isolation, DayZ and Relic Entertainment are open-world zombie title Dying Light from Techland and future sports title Frozen Endzone.

Techland’s Maciej Binkowski will be on stage on Saturday 29th March at 2pm to talk about how Dying Light will introduce a new level of player freedom through its Natural Movement System, while Mode 7 Games’ Paul Taylor and Ian Hardingham will showcase Frozen Endzone at 5pm on Sunday 30th.

Visitors on Saturday and Sunday will also be able to see panellists including Dean Hall, Ed Stern, Holly Gramazio and Mike Bithell chew over subjects like fear and horror in games and the evolution of storytelling.

Eurogamer.net readers will also be pleased (or perhaps shocked) to witness a live recording of the site’s regular podcast at 3pm on the Sunday.

The full line-up of developer sessions follows (all times are UK):

Friday 28th March

1pm – DayZ (Dean Hall from Bohemia Interactive)

2pm – Volume (Mike Bithell)

3pm – The future of Company of Heroes 2 (Relic Entertainment)

4pm – Tango Fiesta (Spilt Milk Software)

5pm – Come meet ANGELINA, the AI that makes video games (Michael Cook)

Saturday 29th March

1pm – Fear and horror in games (Dean Hall, Al Hope, Will Porter, Maciej Binkowski)

2pm – Dying Light (Maciej Binkowski from Techland)

3pm – Alien: Isolation (Al Hope, Gary Napper, Jon McKellan from Creative Assembly)

4pm – Dreamfall Chapters (Ragnar Tornquist from Red Thread Games)*

5pm – Dean Hall live interview

*Please note: this session has moved from its originally scheduled time of 2pm.

Sunday 30th March

1pm – Storytelling in games (Dean Hall, Holly Gramazio, Ed Stern, Mike Bithell)

2pm – Oh no! More zombies (developers of Project Zomboid and DayZ)

3pm – Eurogamer.net Podcast live recording!

4pm – The Creative Assembly Game Jam

5pm – Frozen Endzone (Paul Taylor and Ian Hardingham from Mode 7 Games)

“EGX Rezzed is a show that has a special place in a lot of people’s hearts and I think part of that is the way developer sessions give great prominence to such a wide variety of games and speakers,” said Eurogamer.net Editor-in-Chief Tom Bramwell, who curates the sessions. “Whatever kind of games you care about, this year’s sessions should have something to catch your attention.”

For more on EGX Rezzed, check out www.egxrezzed.net, where tickets are on sale now.

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