Last year, next gen gamers got a fancy new Ignite engine running FIFA 14. PC owners however, had to make do with the old Impact engine that ran the PS3/360 ports.

This season however, the PC waves goodbye to the last gen and adopts the Ignite engine.gaming-fifa-15This means, better crowds, more realistic player animations and kits getting muddy during play as well as blades of grass flicking up.

After only a couple of games of the demo, it’s clear EA are no longer treating PC owners as an afterthought. The game is nicely optimised, but it’s clear a 360 pad is the way to play. I used a USB standard wireless pad and had a few button configuration problems.

Also, you need a decent PC. If your running it on a dual core with 4 gig ram, it’s not going to run. You need at least a decent quad core with 8gig ram and a decent GFX card, but thats the standard now for PC gaming.

This could be the ultimate footie experience on PC and could well walk away with the title from PES again this season.

Full game review coming in 3 weeks.