Announcing a new partnership between soul singer Fay Kendel and Project Paddington, beginning with the release of the new single, Guardian Angel. 

The track Guardian Angel tackles the emotional story of the singer’s seperation from her birth mother in Sierra Leone and the feeling throughout her life growing up in Denmark, Sweden, the UK and the US that they may one day meet again. Fay explains:

“This song is expressing the fact that I feel no remorse or resentment towards her, for the extremely difficult choice that she made by giving me up for adoption. I think it takes enormous bravery and courage and it is an extremely selfless act because she wanted something better for me.”

50% of the profits from the song will be donated to Project Paddington, a voluntary organisation that raises funds and aid to improve the lives of refugee and asylum seeking children and their families, further information regarding the project can be found here –

Fay Kendel Homepage –

You can also download the single from here



ISRC Code: USLZJ1643889


Written by Fay Kendel

Produced by Aron Bicskey &

Eric Vo-Studiehuset