A legend returns! The Berlin based publisher, Infernum in collaboration with Sony Online Entertainment brings the fabled and renowned EverQuest® dragon Nagafen into the online role-playing game Dragon’s Prophet.

As of today, three brand-new dragon packages are available that not only include dragon eggs that will hatch into a dragon to have by your side, but also handy items for the fervent adventurer. Whilst the first package contains the sought after dragon Indigo Flare, it is the second package that holds Nagafen, one of the most iconic dragons in RPG history. The final package contains the items of both packages as well as both dragons, forming the perfect dragon duo. Hurry though: All three packages are only available for dragon riders until Tuesday, 19th November!
or every RPG and fantasy fan, Nagafen is an infamous name to hear. The fearsome EverQuest® dragon has already swooped in and crushed the dreams of countless heroes, with only the best of them managing to defeat him. In tribute to Nagafen’s saga, Infernum and Sony Online Entertainment have him available until Tuesday, so players can create their own tales with the mighty dragon by their side.

Further information on the packages and Dragon’s Prophet can be found on the official website.

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