Really you shouldn’t take anything I say now on board, as I haven’t really played the game yet (I personally would stop reading now, as everything I say from here is pointless, just non substantial garage from my fingertips..just stop now…….now..), but having some brief hands on a few months back, and all the promotional trailers, images, and interviews, is it no supRYSE (last time) that Ryse Son Of Rome, is being battered by the game publications out there as just an average, no substance, yet beautiful release title game for the Xbox One. We could all see this coming from a mile off, couldn’t we?

ryse-castleWhen we got out first hands on with the game, yes it looked beautiful, but it was still something that I thought could cope on this current generation of console, Xbox 360 and PS3, and of course any supped up PC. Maybe the amount of characters on screen, or the distance seen on screen, could have troubled this generation, and struggled with some of its limitations, but in all serious, its just a glossy, looking, release title, that i think could have come out a long time ago (and that was certainly the case, being a 7 year in development title, that was suppose to be a big Kinect release game, but pushed back to try and be the Gears Of War of the XB1 release list)


Its a shame, as with any game that has been hyped up to the brim, you hope  that it does well, especially one that its released to bring in the new generation of consoles, but when you read the likes of the reviews, saying its repetitive, boring, beautiful yet brutal, it really was no surprise. Back when we saw this as E3, it just looked like a very basic hack and slash title, with nothing much from a few glorified finishers, and a continuous amount of QTE’s or shouty shouty move that way moments,  then when looking afar looked quite cool, but put in practice, is just a here we go again, so so moment.

ryse-son-of-rome-coopPlus the whole co op side or Ryse just was a boring yet again beautiful affair. It just wave upon wave of enemies in the arena, going on with splashes of claret, and breaking of bones. Its just a nothing mode, that is as repetitive as me writing this. There was no real fun to proceedings when we had a short demo at this game mode, and with the full release out in 1 day, I cant see it making a drastic change of heart.

Hearing about the first day DLC, and micro transactions galore, makes you a bit sad that maybe, when shelling out on £50+ for the game and £420+ for the console, that just this one time, just this once, that maybe, just maybe, everything could have been included in the get go, not save it being to make a few quid ON DAY ONE DLC!

ryse-son-of-rome-2When you get the title of Rome, you want a stellar story, but from the sound of things, we have another half hearted attempt as the Rome tale, (but in the right frame of mind, child to warrior) that its a massive disappointment that its not done right.

Here’s hoping in a few years when the XB1 technology has been mastered and moulded by the developers, that the likes of Crytek make a sequel to Rose Son of Rome, and really do the story, characters and settings, some justice.