Online games for the Sega Dreamcast over the past couple of months keep being restored, however I finally got my Dreamcast back online yesterday using a DreamPi (I have been playing my Dreamcast online though for a while using the Broadband Adapter for the Dreamcast), DreamPi is a piece of software that uses your high speed internet and uses a RaspberryPi to create a dial up connection to allow you to play Dreamcast games online.

Many games have be brought back online which includes Worms World Party, Toy Racer, Alien Front Online, Chu Chu Rocket just to name a few, so whilst I was testing all my online games yesterday I thought I would give F355 Challenge a go.

I’ve tested this before with the Broadband Adapter and it didn’t connect it gave me an odd login name and didn’t dial, but I was surprised yesterday to see that it connected and give me a timer at the top left hand side of the screen as to how long I was connected for, it then let me choose a course and wait for other online racers to join.

As no one joined I couldn’t tell if it worked 100% online but I’m guessing in the next few days if it does work this will be all over the internet and the Dreamcast community will be happy for another racer to join its online collection.

I remember playing this game online when the Dreamcast was at its peak, it had ghost replays as an online element, basicly you would need to race round the track and set a time to qualify for the ‘race’, then you would race round the track by yourself again and then at the end it will show you a replay with the other online racers and their ghost cars, this would be the only time that you would know where you finished in the race, so it was always fun to wait till the end to realise you finished last when you thought you had a good run.

We will be testing this again and hope that if it does work online we will meet you all for another race in the future.