Queuing up for over 45mins to play the Xbox One version of Ryse : Son of Rome for only a two minute demo, was it worth it? Well find out

Ok now the wait time aside we was finally in the small Microsoft over 18 behind closed doors booth, we got the chance to get our hands on a Xbox One controller and of course see the power of that big black box, being told not to press the home key on the control pad and not to turn the power off on the console because this can end the demo and cause delays.

Ok so lets talk about the demo, it was a two player co op where you both had to work together as gladiators to defeat the oncoming onslaught of enemies using your sword to attack and your shield to defend from their attacks, you could also pick up and throw a spear at a enemy but this I couldn’t figure out how to do and ended up getting hit more times while trying to use it, so I ‘sticked’ to using the shield and sword.

Helping your partner when he was under attack consisted of just tapping the A button and our character would attack the nearest enemy and sometimes this became annoying because I would be attacking a enemy amr then my partner would be near by and it would auto attack the person near my partner even though I didn’t want to.

Graphical it was good and looked wonderful on the LED flat screen televisions, the controls where just hit and miss and hope for the best , couldn’t hear much of the sound as this was one of the games that didn’t have you wearing a massive pair of headphones.

Good experience for my first play through using a Xbox One , wasn’t anything breathtaking nor wanted me to pre order the console given the fact we only had two minutes while others had ten minutes but it wasn’t worth the wait but it was somewhat enjoying due to the co op battle arena.

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