Another one of the titles that I really wanted to get my teeth into or hands on a gamepad at least, was Wolfenstein : The New Order. Wolfenstein can be found in the Over 18 area upstairs, at this years Eurogamer Expo at London Earl’s Court and this is the first time playable in the UK

When I went upstairs to the over 18 area I quickly found myself queuing for Dying Light, but I then noticed the Wolfenstein colours and logos everywhere, so that pipped my interested straight away, so after having a go on the impressive Dying Light, I knew which game I was heading to next.

I was pleased as well as surprised to see Wolfenstein as the main display with  banners outside the building of Earls Court, especially considering some of the other big big names at this years Expo who are getting much more press that Wolfenstein too. It certainly shows that Bethesda really believe in this title, and are willing to push it to the max. Im sure the guys and girls behind Wolfenstein : The New Order have a big grin on their faces, with how its gone over the 4 days.

While in the queue everyone was given a free card with a code for a free Return to Castle Wolfenstein when you pre ordered this latest installment of Wolfenstein, maybe this should of given out after playing the demo if we liked it or not, but i cant see anyone disliking it at all. The playable demo was a tasty twenty minutes,  and with them giving you a lengthy time limit to play it meant you can really get a feel of it. It again looked like it was on a PC with a Xbox controller, but no issues there either.

OK lets talk about the game. It looked and played amazing with fast gameplay and easy to pick up and play controls which is what you want from any first person shooter given the fact it is at a Expo where you don’t have time to learn about the game or controls, you straight away knew the feel for things. The Wolfenstein AI was quite intelligent and noticed your every move. This meant you had to learn quickly or just use your twenty minutes wisely. It showed just hear, that even though there is a run and gun game in here at heart, you have to be wise at the same time. Even on the difficulty i played on, it was easy at all, so i can see this being a satisfying completion, come the end of things.

The game feels and looks a hundred times better than the last Wolfenstein, and I was one of the few to actually like the last Wolfenstein, so you can tell how much i liked this, and its was certainly my favourite game at the Expo.  Add in the simple fact you got to play longer than two minutes like many of the games at the Expo, aswell as the fact that they got the queuing system spot on made the anticipation and pay off to play the game even better. Wolfenstein The New Order was fast, looked stunning, and it was back to old skool shooting at its best. The classic is back and looking and playing better than ever!

Its obviously more a guns blazing game, but you can certainly take your time, and be a bit careful, ala Sam Fisher as in this demo it seemed like you can play in both ways, but I seemed to last a bit longer when not jumping and dodging the onslaught of enemy bullets, as they were very accurate, and just used a more intelligent mindset to work my way around the obstacles. Im sure though if you get some big ass gun, you can blast your way through if you so wish.

Picking up guns and ammo plus health kits seemed quick and simple as well as changing weapons to standard or dual wheedling which ever suits your gameplay style. Ammo pressing a button to pick up, was annoying, but will get use to it im sure, You can give it all a try so get yourself to the Wolfenstein booth at the Eurogamer Expo if there is a queue just wait because it will soon move down quickly because the staff at the booth really have it sorted where all the games are manned and quickly filled after each game.

My best game at the Expo 🙂

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