After running into Earls Court very excited to be at this years Eurogamer Expo the first game that I saw a a free control pad with no one using it was The Crew by Ubisoft, and there was a reason why no one was playing on this game.

Basically the game on display was a lan’ed multiplayer demo which means if someone was to leave the game would mean that the demo is pointless and that was the control pad I picked up , having to sit there and look at the logo “The Crew” for six minutes while other games where starting to fill up so I was wondering whether or not to wait around to see what this demo was like, and I wasn’t overly impressed when I did manage to play it.

The game wasn’t anything special its been done before and it was the pc version which was on display because when I pressed Esc on the keyboard to skip the cut screen for some reason it took me to the windows desktop where I had to double click on the game icon to load the game again which dropped me out of the online game again where I had to wait another six minutes to join the lan game.

Right back to the game the graphic where ok and the controls where ok just didn’t brake to well around corners and the handling was a little sluggish which are the two main things which makes me enjoy a racing game, if they are both off then I will stay clear and not buy the released title. Take the game Blur good handling and braking as well as hand break turning, there was none of this that I figures out in The Crew I spent half the demo slowing down around corners taking not to crash into on coming traffic or surroundings.

There was something which reminded me of Test Drive Unlimited more of a simulator racing the a arcade racer also allowing you to press ‘Back’ to bring the world map which should enable you to jump to a destination and travel there, well this didn’t happen and then I bloody pressed Esc again aaaaarrrggghhh but before that I did see the other players markers which showed me the distance I was away from them, but would can I do when I get there? I was just driving around aimlessly rather slowing trying to find my Crew but The Crew wasn’t too bothered if I was in the game and neither was I

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