One of the first games that we played at this year EuroGamer Expo was Gran Turismo 6 visually again flawless for the Gran Turismo series and this really showcases the power of the Sony Playstation 3 but not being a long serving veteran of the series I didn’t notice the improvements promised such as the handling model which has been advertised.

For me it played everything how a racing sim should and graphically you couldn’t get any better than racing toe to toe behind one of those super cars, but fans of the series will love it and notice the improvements but for me who only plays Gran Turismo games at these expos every year I didn’t notice anything really different at all
Enjoyable but much of the same no real wow factor for me, maybe put the demo on a rain weathered course to show off some more of that outstanding visuals so you can really put those cars and the improved handling to the test.

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