Good Night, Good Luck!

This was the big boy for me. I had been looking into Dying Light for a while, but stupidly, I didn’t even realise that this was going to be playable at the event.


I had been so interested in the developer session with Techland speaking about their upcoming Mirrors Edge, Brink, Dead Island mix up, that i overlooked the game would be actually playable at the Eurogamer Expo, so going up the stairs to the over 18’s area, and seeing Dying Light straight away, was a massive plus point on my part.

After queuing for a short while, it was our time to jump onto Dying Light. Unfortunately compared to some other games on show, we only had 6 minutes of the game to run through, as it was a timed demo, however i would prefer a timed demo on all games here at the expo, as some of the queues were ridiculous, and to keep them flowing and be fair for everyone. Considering the 1hr 15 minute wait for Ryse for a 4 minute game, queuing here for 15 minutes over and over was no problem, as those 6 minutes could be put to good use.

Anyway onto the game. Straight away the Dead Island comparisons are there. But even with the obvious Dead Island feel, this looks like a massive upgrade over either in the series. It looks absolutely stunning from the offset, and the draw distances look excellent. Running and hacking and slashing all have a gloss to them, that at times when during full flow, Dead Island looked a bit rough around the edges, but not here, Dying Light looks stellar. Game play is solid. It certainly has that Mirrors Edge / Brink feels to proceeding, very much free running zombie experience. Everything is run here climb there (if you want). You can pretty much climb over or on top most of the whole environment if its physically possible, and supposedly, anything you can see in the distance, you get travel there and use that as your climbing frame, if you so wish.

SavedPicture-2013930221252.jpgAgain only having 6 minutes of game to run through, there isn’t much you coul find out in terms of story. There was obvious side objectives on the map that you could try to get to, for example i ran and saved a trapped human in a cupboard, who was being hounded by a zombie outside, so hack of my weapon, and person saved. This im sure would be the main jist of most side objective, at least at the start of the game, when getting into things. There were also main mission on the map to try and get to, mine was to try and clear out a centain allyway, but only having a limited amount of time, instead trying to start a main mission, after helping the cupboard bloke, I personally had a little wonder around, and tried a few different variations of kills. You have the obvious kicks and slides, or this time throwing knives, and the weapon everyone starts with here, a trusty axe. It again feels like Dead Island with the chopping of limbs, especially heads from bodies, and you can link a few different moves, like kick, and quick attack, or slide with the B button along the ground to knock or stagger an Zombie, to bring in the kill, but with no other weapons found on my play through i cant really compare how this would change from weapon to weapon. We were todl custimisation, again in the form of Dead Island, would be apparent here, so electrified Katana, here we come!

With the added effects of the Day Light elements, whereas its harder during the night, that obviously through the day, this could certainly bring a new aspect to each mission you attempt. Nothing was told about the set up of the story, I’m not sure if we will start out in the middle of this Zombie apocalypse (probable), or before its all started. I would love to start Dying Light with no zombies about at all, and gradual degree into said apocalypse, that would be awesome, from a story aspect, to really play the hand of the player, everything fine, then BOOM, zombies, but i cant see that happening.

We were told during the Dev Session, that 90% of the main missions, and 100% of the side missions (unsure if those % are definite), can be done during the day or night, then this would open up to how the player wants to play. Also being told that this would be 4 player online drop in drop out coop, much like their previous Zombie series, then Dying Light should be a top top title, that any Zombie fan, or coop fan should put on their shopping lists.

I’m really looking forward to Dying Light. I feel that it could be another fun zombie blood filled ride, that even though I’m sure there will be a few open world issues, overall this should be a solid zombie slashing free running mixer title, with the added bonus of full online play. Here’s hoping for more Aussie dodgy voice acting…..or not 🙂 Colour me BLOODY Excited.

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