Nice little ongoing challenge at this years EGX Rezzed 2014 – Developer Phil Dinh  has personally promised to buy drinks for the entire weekend (alcoholic or otherwise) to the first person who manages to complete his TinyKeep demo without dying, and you have unlimited retries!

Get to the stand now! (a few hours left for today) and enjoy your drinks!

More about The TinyKeep

TinyKeep-Logo-CharactersTinyKeep is an upcoming action RPG with a heavy focus on smart monster AI. You play as a hopeless prisoner held deep in a forgotten dungeon who one day wakes up to find themselves mysteriously released. Your saviour is nowhere to be seen, but the cell door is broken and ajar, tempting you with the sweet scent of freedom. With nothing but a flickering lantern and a strange letter left behind by your in-mate, you must venture into the darkness and make your escape!

The game is currently under active development. We expect to release it from our own dungeons at the end of September 2014.

What really sets TinyKeep apart is the sophisticated AI system, designed to produce unique monster intelligence that behaves in exciting and unpredictable ways. “We wanted to create a game that feels alive, where the dungeon’s inhabitants have their own motivations and needs, and situations are created that have never been seen before in a game of this genre.” says Phi Dinh, founder of Phigames.

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