So the time has come for a bit for Ubisoft action. Everyone’s former favourite games company, who after the last few years have had a dodgy run with squeal after squeal, and poor release after poor release, with delay after delay. That’s not to say that they haven’t released some fantastic games over the last few years, but issues in recent memory may be causing people to look at Ubisoft with more than just a raised eyebrow.

ubipc1But hey, its E3, and we just want some details of new upcoming games hardware partnerships, the lot.

Depending on the size and scope of the conferences at hand, we will be picking our Top picks of the briefing. This is just the picks from the conference, not the following days after/during E3

We decided that we would jump to a TOP 4 from Ubisofts showcase. I didn’t particularly like the celebrity this and that at the event, but if they are gamers at heart, what am I to say. It just felt at times that Ubisoft were trying to hard.

Anyway in no particular order, here are ItsMuchMore’s TOP 3 picks from the Ubisoft Conference.

ubipc31 – SOUTH PARK: THE FRACTURED BUT WHOLE – I could just leave it at that, that’s all you need to know, just read that name. Quality. Now lets start one thing off, I’m not a big fan AT ALL of South Park, I may have seen less than 10 episodes, and probably none to completion.

I grew up when South Park started, and everyone loved it, but I just couldn’t get into it at all. I can laugh a bit more as the pop culture references now if I flick past an episode, but that’s about it.

ubipc2However… I really enjoyed South Park The Stick Of Truth, so this announcement that another is being released it down right fantastic. I can’t wait to have another play through here in this ‘Epic RPG’ and I’m sure it will be just as good as the original.

I remember how good the first looked, in terms of ‘like the show’ and this looks no different. None actual gameplay graphics yet, but expect very much more of the same. It would be interesting if they stick with the same gameplay at Stick Of Truth, which I’m sure they will, but this time its all about the Superhero’s. Have a check of the trailer below, its awesome, and I’m sure once the game is released, it will be just as big of a hit as the first. First out of the bat by Ubisoft, one that no one was expecting, very good start.

ubipc62 – TOM CLANCY’S THE DIVISON – This game looks so sweet it really does, but it seems like its been in development limbo for the past year. After the explosive showing last year, then at gamecom, everything on the title went really quiet. It looks so good, and the gameplay looks like it could be an interesting mix of action and survival mixed with elements of RTS and the spy genre. Will you play as one character, or switch between the three that we see in the trailers. Is it going to be single player or cooperative or a mix of both. We just need to see this right now. There’s a lot going on here, but we just do no seem, to be getting much.

Each trailer seems to be the same jist that’s coming out, with a little more trickling through every now and then, but we still need to get a feel for what really this game is all about. What’s the real story here, what happened, how are we going to try and resolve things. Why have these three been brought in to save hope, what happened to everyone else, WHY IS IT ALWAYS SNOWING!

xbpc8The Division looks so promising, it has that feel of the new and updated bigger brother version of Freedom Fighters (remake Freedom Fighters anyone?), so I’m pleased that it had another chance on the big stage to show itself off. I just hope we continue to get more information on the title in the coming months, and it doesn’t go quiet again for another yet.

I really want to play this game, and I want to play it now. There seems like this could have some potential for a lot of fun!

ubipc73 – GHOST RECON: WILDLANDS – Welcome back to Ghost Recon. The trailer was pretty intense and looked quality throughout, and even at the end of the game it showed some gameplay footage which looks pretty cool. It looks like it’s about you and your crew heading throughout various places around the world trying to stop various drug deals, or in this case COCAINE situations, as they loved to state that drug all the time throughout this trailer. At the end it also showed some other missions what you would be doing like taking down  drugs lab or helping in a hostage situation.

Again the trailer itself was put together really good, and graphically Ubisoft put that trailer together looking awesome, and I’m sure the gameplay with be very fun. This looks a mix of intense open world games and tactical third person shooter with elements of first person. Could even say a mix between The Devision and Just Cause. It would be interesting to see just how open world this is, how many players online, is this drop in drop out. No real details yet on the various other gameplay aspects, but I’m sure it will filter through in the coming months.

And that’s you’re lot here folks.

ubipc4I was tempted to throw in Rainbow 6 Siege and For Honor for a Top 5 here at Ubisoft, but something about the gameplay on Ranbow 6 looked a bit odd, and For Honor, even though the rendered trailer was good, gameplay looked a bit off, and the whole sword play aspect, which seems to be the hook on this game, the ‘thing’ that will get you interested, wasn’t shown to its full potential.

TrackMania Turbo, and the new Assassins Creed Syndicate were another two titles shown. Even though I do like TrackMania games, it really depends what they do at Ubisoft, as the game is all about customisation, and the various additional the host does on the map, its we’re limited to what Ubisoft chooses on the set up of the game, then that could be iffy.

ubipc8Assassins Creed, well i’m personally finding it hard to be interested in the series anymore, it seems like its just coming out for the sake of it. I like the idea of the London Setting, but apart from that it looks exactly the same as before, but with a female character to play this time.

Overall, it wasn’t a fantastic conference, and even though there were a few standout games, the celebrity presence, and the odd gameplay action were slightly a downer.

Still if you want to, check out the full conference below!