sqenix1Welcome to our Square Enix Top picks from their E3 2015 conference. Even though there wasn’t masses of games on show, some of the trailers put together though were really solid, even the trailers that had no gameplay at all, just rendered CG, the feel of the trailers were hard hitting, and impressive

Depending on the size and scope of the conferences at hand, we will be picking our Top picks of the briefing. This is just the picks from the conference, not the following days after/during E3

We decided that we would jump to a TOP 1 from the Square Enix showcase.

Anyway here is ItsMuchMore’s TOP pick from the Square Enix Conference.

sqenix41 – JUST CAUSE 3 – This is what everyone was waiting for, you knew with Square Enix, that now there are so few and far between in terms of top quality titles within the western regions, that when one is coming up, we get excited, and fortunately its nearly here, Just Cause 3 is one of these quality titles.

The previous Just Cause games are massive hits, and considering Just Cause 2 was released over 5 years ago, its still being played daily by thousands of players around the world, and with this next installments looking to be bigger badder and better, I’m sure people will still be playing Just Cause 3 in the next 5 years as well.

sqenix2Looking at the trailer is all about destruction once again, with a new improved parachute and wing suit, as well as the grappling hook which this time can be used from taking down building to helicopters, or as the trailer shows, take down 4 helicopters at the same time, after connecting 4 hooks and crossing the lines between the other 4.

It looks all out of this world, and that’s what Just Cause is about, being so crazy, so fun, that its an experience like no other.

sqenix6A few picks from the awesome looking trailer, the wing suit does look like something that you will get a lot of fun out of, just flying through the city scape, dropping close to the sea, and flying into the air, its going to be the go to aerial transport for a lot of Just Cause 3 players. The paracute is of course here, and looks to have the best control over its use yet, aswell as his gun case and massive arsenal.

This should be interesting!

sqenix5The narrative from the trailer was pretty funny as well, talking about bringing his beloved island back to its former glory…but then GUNS GUNS GUNS DESTRUCTION DESTRUCTION DESTRUCTION!, its all tongue in cheek I know, but its a really well put together trailer.

This will be the biggest and best Just Cause to date, and that’s only a good thing for fans of the series. The trailer was long, action packed, spoke about the characters, the stories, showed gameplay, and rendered action, it was all in all a mighty fine trailer.

It was obvious but well worth it. Some of Squares upcoming are focussed on fan favorites, the likes of Final Fantasy DS titles, or Kingdom Hearts, but personally I’m not a big fan of either. I was going to speak a bit about Hitman, and kind of like the idea of the game, with multiple contracts happening continuously, and can get help with friends of foes, but from the gameplay and grphics on show, it didn’t look spectacular, and honestly, I’ve always liked Hitman games, but always been poor at them, so maybe I’m not the best person to say that it was a TOP PICK at the event,

Anyway thanks again, and watch the whole conference below.