Another day, another lack of dollar, but considering we’ve so far gone over our picks for Microsoft and Bethesda and more, we might as well jump our way to another one of the big guns, and well, welcome to Sony,

sonypc2Depending on the size and scope of the conferences at hand, we will be picking our Top picks of the briefing. This is just the picks from the conference, not the following days after/during E3

We decided that we would jump to a TOP 3 now from Sony. We had the likes of 10 for Microsoft, 3 for Bethesda, and as stated we will be having out Top 3 Picks here from the Sony Press Conference. So have a read and see what you think.

One thing to point out, the stage looked awesome at Sony’s press conference, the multitude of screen looks the absolute nuts, so well played there Sony.

There were some MAJOR announcements from Sony at E3, and if you know me, they granted my dreams last year with Grim Fandango, and well this year they have done exactly the same, of course you know what we are starting with!

sonypc61 – SHENMUE 3 – I’m not sure what else I can say about this, but this was a massive bombshell. All these years that we have been hash tagging #saveshenmue and the amount of polls of most wanted game and Ryo and Co come on top is a huge amount, and finally, there is now a glimmer of hope. Sony gave the stage to Yu Suzuki to announce that he is going onto Kickstarter to get Shenmue 3 rolling.

There was a brief VT interview, and some details showing some very early concept CG clips of Shenmue 3. Then Sony brought out the man himself Yu, to countdown the timer for the Kick starter to begin. Lets just say 8 hours later the 2 million was reached, and its still going now.

sonypc10I would expect at least 10 million is needed to make the Shenmue game that Yu and You and Me wants.

Talking of this this, I still found it weird that Sony distanced themselves saying this is all them, this is his, their, those peoples project, Sony is just giving them the stage, i really can not think that Shenmue 3 will be created on a 2 Million budget. I can only assume that Sony wants to see the public reaction, and they will fork out a good 30 million on the project as well (Shenmue on the Dreamcast cost $47 million, its cheaper and easier to make games now, but still $2m aint enough). I just wish that Sony trusted in the game, and the fans that they just said, yes we are the producers, we are funding this, Shenmue 3 is our title.

Another hope is a re release of Shenmue 1 and 2, but Yu Suzuki has stated that Sega own those rights, but allowed him to create Shenmue 3, so we’ll see how generous Sega is, and you never know, a HD remake may be on the cards at some point.

sonypc8So far this is PC and PS4 only, but here’s hoping that considering Sony initially want nothing to do with this, that other platforms will come out too.

Another thing to note, the look of Ryo was awful we know, but that’s a very very early draft, expect everything to come in full graphically force soon, and the game to be released in 2017.

Check out the announcement below, crazy crazy shit!

sonypc52 – THE LAST GUARDIAN – It’s taken nearly 8 years but The Last Guardian at last is coming, well, not just yet, its coming in 2016, but that’s some big news from Sony, JapanStudio and Team Ico right there. Originally intended for the PS3, this was put back on hold numerous times throughout its life. Sony last year didn’t mention the game at all, that angered many people, but well, right her Sony kicked off their event with The Last Guardian.

sonypc4This wasn’t some over the top CG rendered video, this was the first ever gameplay footage on the PS4. It looked smooth if graphically very good, the creators are very much sticking the their art style, as seen in previous Team Ico games. Draw distance looks fantastic, and the shear scale was impressive, and you are sure as hell going to be on one mighty adventure. The Last Guardian got a big cheer from the crowd, but not as big as a few other titles, some above this pick, and another below. You know what two I’m talking about.  If you want to just check out the main trailer for The Last Guardian, clicky away down below.

sonypc113 – FINAL FANTASY 7 – REMAKE – Of course of course of course. There is nothing that die-hard Sony Fans have been asking for more over the years, and that a FF7 remake, and well.. its coming! Shown in true spectacular form, the full on CG trailer had a bellowing voice talking over the lovely looking CG trailer. No gameplay of any sort shown, and no details about what changes are ahead, but it certainly got one of the biggest pops of the night

sonypc12One major point to note that is that from what we can tell, this is not a PS4 exclusive, as it clearly states at the end of the trailer ‘Play It First’ so FF7 may very well be coming to multiple consoles, so that would be very interesting, especially to fans of the original, who may be PC or Wii U or Xbox players now, they may not have to fork out cash for another console.

I’ve never been a  Final Fantasy fan, even when all the hype around FF7 when it came out originally, i remember going over my mates, and they were lapping it up, but i just never had the feel for it. It’s more than likely because I was a Sega console fan over a Sony console fan. Loyalty back then eh!

That’s your lot. There were some other nice things happening throughout the from the stylised Hitman Trailer, to the awesome looking indie titles, and the PS4 timed exclusive contented Black Ops 3, but again for my picks, I quite enjoyed the above If you wanna get some of your own picks, then why not watch the WHOLE Sony Conference, well here you GO!