Here we have BETHESDA.

Welcome back to another TOP PICKS from E3. Considering we jumped straight into the Microsoft E3 Briefing yesterday, well lets jump onto one of the developers media briefings (or as they are calling it, Showcase) instead of straight to the likes of the big three with the remaining Sony or Nintendo.

Depending on the size and scope of the conferences at hand, we will be picking our Top picks of the briefing. This is just the picks from the conference, not the following days after/during E3

bethes1As said we have the ever popular Bethesda. Do they have some Fallout 4 or Doom tricks up their sleeves for the briefing, well certainly, so here’s my Top 3 picks in no particular order from the Bethesda E3 Press Conference. In terms of quantity, there were only around 5 games spoken about, but it terms of quality, this could very well be the biggest. This was the longest briefing/showcase out of the other developers like EA and Ubisoft, as this showcase presentation also included an before and after show with additional content and interviews so overall it went to around 2 hours 30 but the main briefing on stage itself went to around the 1 hour 40 minutes mark.

I enjoyed this BETHESDA Showcase, it seems all about the games, all of the talking was relevant info, there were no silly or vague buzz words or business speak, no annoying talk of pre-orders, timed exclusives or exclusive DLC, no padding and no fluff, it was all just about what BETHESDA is, what they do, and what they do best. It’s about the games, for the gamers, and it was all good.

bethes41 – DOOM – Welcome back my old friend. I love me a bit of DOOM. The ‘trailer’ they released a few weeks back was so funny, it was literally about 3 seconds long, but that gave us the feeling that we will see more DOOM and E3, and OF COURSE WE DID! I loved the trailer aswell it looked fantastic. OK so points were rendered in the initial 1.30min trailer, but that didn’t stop ID Software and Bethesda, as they then had a 8 or so minute gameplay showing, and it looked fantastic. It didn’t seem as fast or frantic as the trailer made out, but it you do it right, it could be pretty damn close.

bethes2This could be the nostalgic hit of the franchise what we need. It’s been a fair few years since DOOM 3 (11 years, originally released in 2004) so its good at last to welcome a fan favorite game back into the mix. I was a big fan of DOOM 3, and even though we have had the DOOM BFE collectors edition out on Xbox 360 (for example) a few years back, and even a spiritual successor in the sense of ‘Rage’, the PC and Xbox original of DOOM 3 was always the best with the online co-op and the fast and frantic action. It had it’s haters, but we were big fans at ItsMuchMore.

bethes5This looks to be no different here, if you watch the trailer, it’s like you are hardly ever stepping back, you’re always pushing forward forward forward, and it looks like it will literally be a blast from the past. It looks like the enemies will be relentless, fast and in your face all the time, it will put those DOOM sweats on the fingers for sure! I really hope that they do include co-op again, as it just felt interesting and right in DOOM 3, and its always great to jump into some co-op in the likes of DOOM I and DOOM 2, yea it loses a bit of its scare factor, as you hate your mate screaming down the other end of the mic, but I always have a preference of experiencing a FPS game, even in single player, with friend.

bethes72 – FALLOUT 4 – This is the obvious one of course from the BETHESDA showcase. The trailer was released just before E3, but it still looks glorious. It’s again a post apocalypse world, and its you and your dog, and of course your PIP Boy. It’s good to have a loyal friend at the end of world. However Fallout 4 will start before the bombs were dropped, so you will experience the world as the world as we know it, then of course it all goes down hill from there. During the conference we are shown a massive 35+ minute presentation of Fallout 4 with lots and lots of gameplay footage, various details, information, story pieces, history etc. Its was great seeing how the game will literally start from the character creation stages, which you can choose male or female here, as well as the character classes and how we set up our traits and then onto the real meat and veg of Fallout 4.

bethes6We know Fallout is a bleak game, and this looks to be not different. Hopefully there is a good use of NPC characters again, and a fleshed out world where you can meet these characters and interact with them all again. You might meet a happy family, or someone down on his luck, they were all there in previous Fallout titles, and that looks to be no different here in Fallout 4. The whole skill tree and focussed attacks are of course back, as its always good to get that headshot off in slowmo, or target the weakest point that may help you survive over the other bloke. Plus with the skill tree aspects, and the upgrades, they show that you will be looking at your PIP boy a lot, so they have made it clean, easy, and enjoyable to use (as well as some mini games too), Its look like will just be easy to get around the game.

bethes8It looks again to be a very solid title, plus everything within the main trailer is in game footage, plus as said we see masses of gameplay footage too, so Bethesda is not hiding behind the Rendered CG footage, you will know how this game will look and play, when Fallout 4 is released. I’m personally not the biggest Fallout fan in the world, but I can appreciate this series as a whole, and the following that it has among fans. The story here has pipped (no pun)(ok pun) my interest more, as you are the sole survivor of Vault 101 after the bomb went off, but you come out 200 years after the bomb.

This could be a story among other stories, and really something i would like to sink my teeth into. The graphics as said look pretty nice, and already the audio and soundtrack score sounds excellent. This will sell in the bucket loads, this will get all the awards again I’m sure, but Bethesda Game Studios are not restring on their laurels and are still trying to bring out the best title in the Fallout series to date. This could be huge!

bethes103 – REAL PIP BOY / FALLOUT SHELTER – I know i could have chosen the likes of Dishonoured 2, or Elder Scrolls Online, Battlecry or Doom Snap and Modding, but man Oh man, THE REAL PIP BOY AND APP!! HELL’S YEA’S!!!! That looks pretty sweet, and could be a collectors edition that I would throw my hard earned money at. Its coming out on Android and Apple, so you can download the app itself, but if you want the experience, and the PIP boy on your wrist, you better by that PIP Boy Edition of Fallout 4. This could be the best ever additional, physcial content released for a game. Big props there for this. I remember playing Fallout 3 thinking, I would love my very own PIP boy, and sure thousands others wanted it too, and now you can! 

bethes13Talking about the App and sticking with Fallout, BETHESDA Game Studios are also bringing out a touch screen tablet/phone game called Fallout Shelter, which looks fantastic. Graphically the game looks excellent, and feeds that fan boy inside of you that you need a piece of the series on every device you own, so now not just a second screen complimentary app for Fallout 4, this is a fully fledged iOS game called Fallout Shelter. This takes nods to various other games like Xcom, Sim City, FTL and more. You have to create a vault and run it. Everything from levelling up to making new members of the vault, to scavenging, to fighting, its all there. It really looks like it will be an enjoyable game to kill some time to. They have said this will be FREE and NO paywall timers, you will not even need an internet.

bethes12With the age of technology it seems like this game is gone back a step, which is exactly what I like about it. There are some inapp purchases, but thats a side option, and you will not have to spend a single amount of money on this title. Its not about who has spent the most real money in this virtual world to be the winner, its down to you how you create and run your vault. Massive fans of Fallout series will not care, and as previously said, a non massive fan like myself, is really wanting to download this game NOW….but I have an Android phone.. so.. OK, but still, If you have a iOS device… well IT’S AVAILABLE NOW! Get it downloaded you lucky lucky vaultie

Thats All Folks

That’s been my TOP 3 PICKS from the Bethesda, and YES there are lots of other games on the show that i could have choose, and i cheated a little with two FALLOUT related picks, but thats what really got my tail wagging, and thats coming from a mini Fallout fan, that shows you how classy the Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter presentation was. So if those 3 whet your appetite, then why not watch the full conference below… You know you want to you PIP boy of a boy you!