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Dragon’s Prophet – New Region Unveiled

Infernum Productions is proud to announce that the fantasy MMO Dragon’s Prophet has just unveiled a new region known as Thadrea. The highland of Thadrea brings a story of royal intrigue and dark magic that players must investigate. With new quests, new dungeons, new dragons, and an increased level cap up to 102; the update dramatically expands the Dragon’s Prophet universe.

Located in the south of Auratia, the highland of Thadrea is naturally protected from northern invasions by the Ashmond Mountains. Norden, which lies to the west, is the kingdom-sized monument to the contribution of the Tunno people in the Second Dragon War. The pinnacle of this city is the Oziak magic research institute.

The Marsh Witch’s Hut is the home of the witch Sukarin. She is rumoured to be the widow of the Tunno hero Asuma, who is said to have been left to die by the Osira. Tales of her cannibalism and powerful magic cause would-be visitors to be wary of the Silt Marsh she inhabits.

Players can now take on new Adventure and Legendary Dungeons. Tonapah Tomb and Mictlan’s Corridor force players to combine their strength in an unknown environment, whilst Asuma’s Mirage tests their endurance as they frantically try to access the Dimension Gate.

Along with the new dungeons, there is the new Crystal War event that has players sacrificing precious crystals and facing off against the summoned bosses to claim their juicy rewards. Amongst these rewards are new dragon eggs that can be used to obtain the new dragons coming with the update.

The update was released today and is now open for all players.

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