humbleweeksaledfcost1It’s another fine Humble Weekly Sale, but maybe we should say a double fine sale, as the guys at Double Fine are back again with another great set of games on offer. We have the under appreciated Costume Quest and Stacking up in the first tier which are great from start to finish, thrown along side the cult favorite Psychonauts. If you join the second tier, you can get yourself into some rocking fun in Brütal Legend. and then join the highest tier for early access to sci fi simulation Spacebase DF-9.

humbleweeksaledfstapsyLoads of adventures. This Humble Weekly Sale is brought to you by none other than the bearded geniuses at Double Fine. Pay what you want for the the third-person psychic odyssey, Psychonauts, the rollicking adventure RPG, Costume Quest and the imaginative adventure puzzle game, Stacking. If you pay $6 or more, you’ll also receive the the head-bangingly heroic adventure game, Brütal Legend.

Spacebase DF-9 (Early Access Game), a sci-fi simulation game based on the Amnesia Fortnight 2012 prototype, will be included with purchases of $16.74 or more.

Pay what you want. Normally these games would cost you more than $74, but we’re letting you name your price!

humbleweeksaledfdehumbleweeksaledfbruRedeem on Steam. All of these games are redeemable on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux. All games, with the exception of Spacebase DF-9, are also available DRM-free. Full system requirements for the games can be found here.

Support vital causes. You choose where your money goes: between the developer, Double Fine Productions, and/or two non-profit organizations, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play Charity. And if you like this promotion, a tip to Humble Bundle would be greatly appreciated!