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Destiny Beta now live for all!

Bungle have opened the Destiny Beta up to everyone. Currently now doing their biggest stress test to date, the beta is currently open to everyone (even without a redeem code) for free on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It would have been nice for a PC format, but hey ho.

destiny-beta2The initial beta was quite a clever marketing ploy giving people with the beta access three codes to hand out to friends, to create a fireteam, to give a better game play experience, and maybe nudge them all in the way to purchase Destiny in September.

Anyway, here is Destiny, and everyone can give it a go. Due to working restrictions at my end, i’ve not had a proper go on the online side of things, along with a team, but the Beta starts with a 10 minute or so, solo mission, to get the player in the grove of things, and feel a work around with the game, and it i quite awesome. Very sold game play, and awesome graphics, along with some spectacular cinematic’s.

The beta has certainly pipped my interest even more, from the high expectation previously. Heres hoping the online game play is just as good.