Das Kino is a very popular bar/eatery in the heart of the Lace Market’s thriving social scene.

IMG_4253.JPG We were invited to the VIP night for the launch of new pizza creator Louis Louis’ menu which included bloggers and journalists. Myself and my companion got there at 6pm – the time we were supposed to arrive – and it was already very busy. We struggled to find a seat but we saw one at the back, a high table with uncomfortable bar stools, a real balancing act. The advert that went out to us promised pizza and deli emporium creations delivered all night, drink, ping pong and DJ’s all night. But as the place filled up it was obvious we weren’t even going to get a look in at the ping pong table.


Servers started to bring out pizzas to give people a chance to try them, unfortunately all of the servers seemed to bypass us. Finally we got given a slice to try, this one had bacon, sausage, chorizo and jalapeno’s on as a topping.

  We were handed the pizza slice on a paper napkin, so you had to choose whether to put your pizza directly on to the table so you could use the napkin to get the stringy cheese off your lips, or use the napkin to rest your pizza on and just let the food go on your face (it was messy stringy pizza – we’re not two year olds). In the end we requested more napkins. The pizza was quite tasty, fresh ingredients, generously topped all on a thin base, the base was slightly burnt though on this one.

I observed lots of other tables full of guests receiving other food items such as pretzels, chicken, salads and wedges. As we had not received any of these I went to the bar to ask if we should order these ourselves if we wanted to try them; I was told that no food was being ordered, it was all being brought out ti sample – I returned to my table to wait in anticipation.

The place was filling up fast and more tables were being served various food items – including the two tables directly next to us. Finally a second slice of pizza was offered to us, again seemingly on afterthought. This one was cheese and tomato with pesto, also served with a paper napkin. Again the pizza was nice, fresh and the base a little less burnt. We were still waiting for a taste of the other items on offer, my companion suggested I shout up but I was against this – surely every guest should be treated fairly, nobody else was having to shout up. We waited a short while longer and was brought yet another pizza slice, this time vegetable topped. Again very fresh, tasty and generously topped.


The place was packed solid, with this being a special VIP/mailing list night lots of people got to sample a selection of new pizzas – amazing what the offer of free food does to people. 

We left as it was very busy, also getting very loud, as more people turned up the DJ seemed to turn the music up louder. People started eyeing up our seats so we felt guilty for occupying space – we had been there little over an hour.

IMG_4252.JPG The food was ok, it would have been nice to have taster of what else was on the new menu. Das Kino is popular enough, which is why people came to test the new menu because of the good advertising.

Good – popular venue with many, nice trendy décor, ping pong a good social idea

Bad – Staff seem uninterested and going through the motions, music a bit too loud early on, no chance of ping pong unless you are early or muscle in


Décor 9/10

Quality 7/10 (for what we had)

Staff 6/10


Overal 7.0