Introducing the Curve Digital/Roll7/Failnaut OlliOlli SkateJam!

To celebrate the launch of Roll7’s OlliOlli on Xbox, Wii U and 3DS, Curve and Christos Reid are hosting a 2-day game jam! We’re encouraging developers of all skill levels to come to the London Southbank University and code a game with us!

If you can’t make it down, feel free to develop your game remotely and submit to our Game Jam Page.

The theme of the Jam will be ‘skate’. Seems obvious, right? But we’re welcoming even the loosest definition of the term. How you want to define a ‘skate’ game is up to you.
Want to create a first person shooter where you travel the map on a skateboard destroying your enemies with concentrated blasts of pure raditude? Sure thing.

Want to code the world’s first Twine-based skate trick attack game? GO FOR IT.


Where: The Curve OlliOlli Skatejam will be held at the London Southbank University. Working closely with Christos “Failnaut” Reid and lecturers at the uni, we will be hosting the jam in the LSBU’s largest game dev lab, which comes prepped with pretty much anything you would want to develop in.

Of course, PC availability might be limited, so feel free to bring along your own equipment and jack into the electrical veins of the lab. We’ve got power a-plenty.

Our friends at Unity are also offering trial licenses for the entire duration of the event for anyone bringing their own laptops.

If you can’t make it to London for the jam, we’ll also be allowing online entries through our page.

When: We will be meeting to brief participants on the jam on the evening of Friday 27th February. Then, we’ll meet up on the morning of Saturday 28th and steam on through ’til Sunday 1st March!


YES we do have a veritable smorgasbord of prizes:

For Southbank University Attendees:

We’ve teamed up with GameMaker Pro and Unity to offer the winning coder or team their choice of license!

The second place dev or team will receive the other license(s).

The first place team or individual will also receive a handsome Xbox One console each, courtesy of our very good friends at Microsoft!

For Online Attendees:

The winning online attendees will be given a 3DS or 3DS XL console (your choice) each!

All games created during the jam will be featured on this site afterwards with nice words written about them. Is there really a better prize than nice words?


Check out the spiffy site that we put together.

And then sign up at our equally spiffy EventBrite page!