Cryptology Nottingham relocates to Upper Parliament Street and opens with new unique and immersive games,updates, and multiple floors of promise.
Grand Opening 24th February

107 Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham, NG1 6LA

Cryptology is evolving….
After almost 3 years serving over 22,000 happy customers we are delighted to be announcing that Cryptology is relocating to a larger venue on Upper Parliament Street. This new home has allowed expansion from just the two rooms and plans for constant escape game updates and releases over the next two years including some unusual locales such as a real bank-vault and games in Nottingham’s Cave Systems.

Currently, all our games are ideal for ages 12+ to play but, with an adult in the room, Cryptology has catered for families of all ages. The escape rooms both have time limits of 60 minutes to complete its puzzles and each game can cater between 2-8 players.

The most exciting news is that one of our brand-new games will be available at launch!

The first new game to release is Rameseize “Become a part of history… but whether you live through it is another matter.

An ancient tomb and its treasure await to be discovered and, despite the difficult of the tomb’s peerless conundrums, your expedition must be swift! If you waste too much time then not only will you fail to retrieve the treasures but your rivals will be at the door and ready to claim the glory for themselves. Your hourglass is running low…”

Jump into an immersive and expansive escape game and attempt your hand at grabbing the three relics and escaping! A tactile and mysterious journey for 2-8 players.

Our second new game, expected to be complete Q2 2018, is Dreamscape: “It’s time for a nap of epic proportions.
Dr. Lucy Dee invites you and your esteemed colleagues to step into her shoes and enter her Dream research lab. Using the latest technology you will be trapped inside her dreams whilst you attempt to collect your thoughts.
Chase through the clouds and through your most vivid fantasies before The Sandman cometh!”

A unique and imaginative romp with some major twists on the escape room formula. It’s something to look forward to.

At launch, there will also be the remake of our first game, Cypherdyne v1.5 “Take part in a legendary induction to launch your career to explosive new

In a dire economy you’ll take any challenge to become the CEO may give you. Can you become part of Cypherdyne’s elite security team? Or will you bomb and be swept aside just before th e next candidates arrive?”

With some brand-new teasers and incredible effects, the tension really ratchets up in this challenging and surprising induction for 2-8 players.

As well as these, The Robin Hood Discovery Tour and Agents of D.A.N.G.E.R. have also been given updates and new features for our relaunch and you can expect a second more advanced Nottingham tour to launch this quarter as well.
You can find us just off of Maid Marian Roundabout at the top of Upper Parliament Street and Chapel Bar. Two minutes’ walk from the town square.

107 Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham, NG1 6LA
Phone: 07804 910729
Cypherdyne v1.5