IMG_3141.JPGCryptology Escape Rooms, a new, fun activity is coming to Nottingham, but with a twist. With news a London-based version of The Crystal Maze and rumours that the show itself may be making a return to the TV, now you and your team can take part in a live action escape game right here in the city centre.

Cryptology is embracing the live gaming genre by being more than just an escape room. The teams will not just be locked in a room where they have to solve mysterious codes and puzzles, there is more to the challenge than just getting out…

imageOne of the opening games is named Cypherdyne, a fictional modern technology company of the same name. “You and your team are completing your first day at your new job at Cypherdyne. What seems like a normal induction takes an unexpected turn. Can you and your team pass the test to become an honorary employee?” This room is suitable for 2-5 players and the task has a limit of one hour to complete.

Cryptology also has Nottingham Group Detectives, a self-guided clue-based mystery suitable for larger groups, “Discover a different side of Nottingham with a Detective City Tour. Answer riddles, solve puzzles, track locations, map out the crime: discover Nottingham’s secrets. An interactive, clue-solving mystery based in and around Nottingham city centre. The tour will take between 2-3 hours to complete. Fancy yourself as Sherlock Holmes?”.


A second room opening soon, The Crypt, is based on Ancient Egypt. “Pharaoh Rameses has sent you and your peers to The Crypt where you will starve. Some of his minions are sympathisers and have given you the means to escape. Can you and your team unshackle and free yourselves before the guard comes to make their first inspection?”

Cryptology is in the heart of Nottingham City Centre, a stone’s throw from the Old Market Square, and even closer to the Left Lion of Nottingham Council House. Their entrance is opposite the Nottingham Tourist Centre.