The newly formed indie game company Omnigon Games is pleased to announce that, after almost two years of development, its exciting sandbox game UemeU (You-Me-You) for Windows, Mac and Linux is now on Steam Greenlight.

UemeU is a fun, community driven sandbox game that draws upon lessons learnt in genre favourites like Minecraft, Gary’s Mod, Little Big Planet and The Sims to throw players and their customisable avatars into highly interactive online environments in which they can play, explore, create and share with their friends in the UemeU community.

UemeU combines accessibility with great depth and, unlike other popular sandbox games that restrict players to a simple set of tools, provides them with an ever-growing library of shapes, colours, materials and gadgets with which to play and create whatever they choose through an easy-to-use interface. More than just a game UemeU is a truly creative experience that lets gamers choose how they want to play and appeals to anyone looking for deeper sandbox creation play, those who just want to enjoy other player’s fun creations or simply want to create weird and wonderful things in the game.

Jeremy Hindle, CEO of Omnigon Games said: “We’re extremely excited to be bringing UemeU to Steam Greenlight and have Steam’s community join the UemeU community in helping create a fun filled collaborative gaming experience. The team is looking forward to receiving and acting upon the feedback that comes from pitching on Steam Greenlight and fully making UemeU a deeply engaging and responsive sandbox game for our community.”

UemeU is in public Alpha and as it approaches Beta its development team is dedicated to fostering a growing community that will play a key part in its next stage of development.

To join the UemeU public Alpha go to to get a demo of the game or buy the fully featured version for £6.99 at

To support UemeU and join in the fun on Steam go to the UemeU Steam Greenlight page.

About UemeU

UemeU (You-Me-You) is a new and unique experience in the sandbox creation genre on PC and Mac that builds upon lessons learnt in sandbox genre games like Minecraft, Gary’s Mod, Little Big Planet and The Sims, tapping into both gamer’s creativity and their desire to simply play in fun, easily manipulated game worlds. UemeU combines accessibility with great depth, giving players interactive environments and a growing library of tools so they can play in, create with, explore and share game worlds with their friends and the UemeU community.

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