As current situations are ever changing we and the companies, organisations we work closely with are taking this precaution to limit unnecessary, outside interaction, following the UK government’s guidance on social distancing.

The following events / theatre shows and YouTube episodes that ItsMuchMore were due to attend have been cancelled/postponed:

  • Brendon Lawrence Community Centre Fun Day (ItsMuchMore Retro Gaming Setup)
  • Theatre Royal Nottingham Press Review Nights (Please see latest post from the PR team at Theatre Royal)
  • Nottingham Playhouse Press Review Nights
  • James & Jack WWF Hasbro Figures YouTube Series on videos

We will keep you updated when any developments take place in regards to the Retro Games Fair Nottingham as we were due to be a big part of this event, as far the event is still going to plan but this could change on a daily basis.

Thanks everyone for your support, I would also like to thank the understanding of our editor team.