A new Nottingham restaurant which boasts a host of industry-leading innovations, including a holographic greeter and a Japanese-inspired dining board to enhance the flavour of the dishes and reduce food waste, has opened its doors.


COSMO Authentic World Kitchen, which is based in Milton Street, opposite the John Lewis department store, can seat 350 people in comfort and serves 150 dishes drawn from around the globe including Japan, China, Italy, India, Thailand and Brazil – as well as a traditional British carvery.

The restaurant is part of the COSMO Restaurant Group, which operates 16 other outlets across the UK and recently came third in the prestigious CGA Peach BrandTrack survey for customer satisfaction.

The Nottingham restaurant, which cost £2m to fit out and has created up to 80 jobs, is regarded as the company’s flagship outlet, with new corporate branding, two VIP rooms, three main separate kitchens and eight live cooking stations – bearing names such as La Cuisina Italiana, House of Spice, World of Asia to name but a few.

It is also breaking new ground by featuring a holographic receptionist to welcome visitors in its lobby – a first for a UK restaurant – and is replacing traditional plates with smaller, individual dishes, which slot into a specially designed dining board mounted onto each table top.

SavedPicture-2015422201341.jpgJames Brion, a partner of the COSMO restaurant group and its creative director, said: “We are extremely proud to open what we believe is one of the most imaginative and innovative world buffet restaurants anywhere in the UK.

“COSMO is officially the country’s favourite world buffet operator and we have earned that distinction by continually pushing back the boundaries of food, décor and service within what continues to be an extremely competitive area of the restaurant market.

“We are taking all of that to another level in Nottingham, with a host of brand new, fresh ideas that we are confident will bring a brand new experience to the city’s thriving eating-out scene.”

The restaurant’s new dining board system, which has been created by Mr Brion himself, will ensure that items of food remain separate and will also help to reduce food waste, because although diners are free to serve themselves as often as they wish, the dimensions of the dishes will limit portion sizes, thus reducing the amount of leftovers at the end of the meal.

Mr Brion said: “COSMO shares the restaurant industry’s commitment to the ongoing need to reduce food waste and our dining boards represent a wonderful way to achieve that whilst ensuring that each food item is kept separate to help preserve their individual flavours.

“The board reflects the restaurant’s ‘East Meets West’ concept and have a further benefit because the money we save, by cutting the quantity of food we use, can be spent on enhancing the quality and range of the ingredients while ensuring our prices remain competitive.”

The Nottingham restaurant is the third COSMO outlet to be opened in the past 12 months, following launches in Glasgow and York. The COSMO Restaurant Group also operates branches in Derby, Sheffield and Coventry, as well as further afield in Aberdeen, Belfast, Bristol and Swansea.

Diners at COSMO Authentic World Kitchen World can eat all they like for one set price, starting at £7.99 for lunch and £13.99 for dinner. For more information visit www.cosmo-restaurants.co.uk