NEXON Europe has announced the fast-paced, multiplayer shooter; Combat Arms has passed the 34th week in the Electronic Sports League (ESL) tournament, which followed the action-packed third quarterly final.



Since February 24th this year, NEXON Europe has held weekly and monthly tournaments, and with those teams lucky enough to have participated in the recent third quarterly tournament, they provided a thrilling competitive finish to cement their slot to make that step closer to the yearend final in Cologne, Germany.

“As we see the tournament progress, we’re seeing the level of competition increase, with highly skilled gamers providing tense and captivating battles,” said Paul Lee, Lead Project Manager of Combat Arms tournament in NEXON Europe. “The ESL tournament itself has been a success, drawing in fans and new players and we’re really looking forward to the next couple of months through to this year’s tournament climax in Cologne.”

NEXON Europe generously provided cash and gift prizes to the winners in the third quarterly final of the Combat Arms ESL tournament, with the top 4 winners receiving 50,000NX cash and 1st place also receiving €100.

Winners from the third quarterly final:

•1st place: [Team DEF]
•2nd place: [Team EGO]
•3rd place: [Team dEWE]
•4th place: [Team MostTalentedPlayer]
Competitors can now look to participate in three upcoming the ESL tournaments to win the following prizes below. Teams looking to register can do so here:
•Week 35 – Sunday 20th October: Register and receive 5,000NX cash
•Week 36 – Sunday 27th October: Perform 20 headshots and claim 5,000NX cash. Also win cutting-edge-technology premium headset from Mad Catz F.R.E.Q.5. by being top headhunter
•Week 37 – Sunday 3rd November: All participants are rewarded with 5,000NX cash. Teams ranked 4th will also receive professional gaming hardware sponsored by Mad Catz
For more information and to register and play Combat Arms, please visit the official game website at and the official Facebook page at

For more information on NEXON Europe and its games, please visit the official website at

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