London, United Kingdom – July 23, 2013: Today, NEXON Europe has announced the addition of a brand new map for Combat Arms, the all-time favourite free-to-play online FPS. Named the Quantum Labs, the new map features a complex interlinking system of corridors and large rooms under low-gravity conditions, making it the ultimate jumper’s paradise.

New low-gravity map available starting tomorrow

There will also be a number of missions for players to complete when the map launches, offering special rewards for completing tasks like capturing the best possible action screenshot, and simply spending time playing on the new map. These missions are available from the launch tomorrow until 30th July.

“We’re excited to announce the Quantum Labs, similar to our popular map, Lunar Labs, as a fresh experience for our many faithful veterans and as a whole new reason for new players to get involved, too,” said Kyle Lee, Lead Project Manager of Combat Arms at NEXON Europe. “Combat Arms is one of the most successful free-to-play FPS titles on the market, so we like to keep things fresh by constantly updating what is already an expansive experience, involving a huge number of gameplay modes and available equipment, with extra incentives, levels, and missions. I have no doubt that players, old and new, will be very happy, indeed.”

The Quantum Labs is one of many planned pieces of new content to be delivered over the coming months, with a VIP Escort mode coming in August, an Arms Race in September, and a VIP Elimination mode arriving in October.

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