Combat Arms: Line of Sight Second Closed Beta is open

The Combat Arms: Line of Sight 2nd closed beta registration website is now open: .

But hurry! The beta test is limited to 6000 players. If you are one of the first 2000 to sign up then you will get guaranteed access and a massive 2400 bonus unlock points for upgraded weapon acquisition. The rest will go into a hat for a random draw once the registration closes on 26th May. We have made many improvements listening to your feedback from the last CBT and there is also tons of new content – weapons, features, maps and new super human powers for you to try out.

If you were one of the 1st Closed Beta players and you completed the survey you will find your legendary AK-74U weapon reward when you log into the 2nd Closed Beta. All those who played in the 1st Closed Beta also have guaranteed access to this one, just use your Nexon Username to register.

The Closed Beta will run for 7 days. The shooting starts on 28th May and comes to a close on 3rd June.

Gear up, grab your weapon, join your squad and crush your enemies in a hail of bullets. Head over to the website now to register,