So its finally here, the next Cineworld Secret Screening is tonight, 15th July. We at ItsMuchMore are heading to out local Nottingham Cineworld, and we can not wait. Having been to the previous Now You See Me, and Walter Mitty showings, we are in anticipation with what film it will be tonight. There have been rumours flying around, and a few hints giving out by Cineworld, and its looking like it will either be Hercules or Guardians Of The Galaxy, however a late running the last day has been Planet Of The Apes, which considering comes out in 2 days, might seem a little like a bummer, but still will be a good film. I’ve been told that it is supposedly from an English Director, and its not out for a few months, so that might throw those three straight out of the water. Maybe it will be Interstellar, Kingsman Secret Service, No Good Deed, or even Inbetweeners. However its also no more than a 15 and should be a 3D film, so that throws it back to the original 3 films, if the english rumour is a red herring. Lets hope its something no one was expecting….What ever it is, we are looking forward to a great evening!

The next Cineworld Unlimited Secret Screening is set for Tuesday 15th July. What’s it going to be? Well, we can’t tell you, because that would spoil the surprise!

secrectscreen15072014unlimWhat we can promise is that you’ll get to see a major new film well ahead of its UK release. It could fall into any category: action, drama, thriller, sci-fi, comedy, musical, family, horror or even documentary. That’s the joy of pot luck!

All you have to do is turn up on the day with your ticket and Unlimited card. And once you’ve purchased your ticket, you’ll also get a free, thirst-quenching drink of Coke Zero!*

The screening will take place at all Cineworld sites except Chelsea, Haymarket, Glasgow Science Centre IMAX and The Screening Rooms. Remember that it’s for Unlimited members only, so you’ll need to make sure your sidekick is an Unlimited member too.

*Offer is for a regular Coke Zero when Unlimited Customers book and attend the Secret Screening on 15th July. Where Coke Zero is not available, an alternative will be made available.

See you all tonight, lets not all go ape over everything!