gog1226Two Worlds series, Earth 2100s series, Knights and Merchants, Jack Orlando (Point-and-Click BABY!) and other top Topware classics are 70% off! This weekend, GOG’s (formally Good Old Games) Topware catalog has 70% off and there are some classics in the 12 titles available. As well as the games, you always get some nice little extra, like soundtracks, and wallpapers, so check each game to see what you get. You can buy all 12 DRM free games for around £16.50 when converted. so what’s not to love!

gogknightsmerAmong all of the games it features, we’d like to put one in the spotlight the most. There are games that never get hyped much in the media and aren’t considered milestones of their genre, but still success in accumulating a modding community so large and dedicated, that you could say the development of such title never really stopped. Such is the case of Knights & Merchants, a medieval real-time strategy with in-depth society simulation and epic-scaled armies. Even though the game came out in 2001, a community of talented fans doesn’t stop in their effort to, fix and tweak it, make it enjoyable for the modern gamer, and support it with all the features the fanbase demands. All this goes towards a impressive mod, that we recently featured in one of our Mod Spotlight editorial. Get the game for only $1.79. check out the mod, and witness the magic of PC gaming community!

gogtwoworldNot really fond of historical setting? Would you rather take a plunge into a fantastic realm quite different than our reality? The magical land you’ll be visiting in Two Worlds: Epic Edition should easily satisfy all your escapism needs with its vast and lush gameworld, visuals that remain quite impressive even today, and a well-told story that often lets you digress from its main thread. The Epic Edition we offer you, comes bundled with the game’s both expansions: Tainted Blood and Curse of Souls. Yours for only $2.99! The bigger, better, and more–erm–magical sequel, Two Worlds 2: Epic Edition, also complete with all the extensions and bundled with two great MP3 soundtracks, is also available 70% off (that’s $5.99).

Fantasy not really your thing?


Well, how about some hard science fiction, then? Earth 2140 TrillogyEarth 2150 TrillogyEarth 2160–or the Earth 21-something series, as we like to call it–offer top-notch RTS gameplay in a gritty futuristic setting, at $1.79 each!

Of course, that’s not all of the excellent titles you can find 70% off in our Totally Topware promo this weekend, so head out to the promo page and pick your favorites. The offer lasts until Tuesday, February 11, at 4:59AM GMT.

Remember visit GOG for more deals, and some absolute corking classic games

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