xblmgoldchangesThere have been some rumbling in the works that there some new changes to the Gold side of membership to Xbox Live, and Microsoft have now announced what these changes are. It looks like Microsoft have listened to their fans, and are trying to make some better changes for the good, with the likes of Free entertainment apps, and better discounts for Gold members. If these discounts amount to anything as good as Steam Sales, or even PSN+ free/rent games is still an answer to come. Alot of these ‘new’ features are aimed at Xbox One users, with all still applicable to current Xbox 360 users, but of course they are trying to push this to the max as great features on their new console. Have a look below to see what Microsoft recently sent out.

We’re pleased to announce that the important changes to Xbox Live Gold are now live. At Xbox, we are deeply committed to delivering the best gaming and entertainment experience to you – our most loyal fans. 

Now on Xbox One and Xbox 360, all Xbox Live Gold members can enjoy:

  • Free games with Games with Gold
  • Exclusive discounts on games in the Xbox Store with Deals with Gold
  • Multiplayer gaming on the most advanced multiplayer network

In addition, entertainment apps* and experiences are now open to everyone, including:

  • Entertainment apps (e.g. Internet Explorer, YouTube)
  • Gaming apps (e.g. Twitch, Machinima)
  • Sports apps (e.g. EuroSport, Red Bull TV, NBA)
  • Music (e.g. Xbox Music, Deezer)

For more information, including how we’ve improved Xbox Live Gold, the latest line-up of apps available on your Xbox, or to cancel your Xbox Live Gold membership, read the FAQs at www.xbox.com/livefaq. Learn more about Xbox Live Gold at www.xbox.com/live.

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