A day which has gone down in gaming history 09.09.09, the US launch date for the SEGA Dreamcast, so what better way to celebrate 20 years on from that date and to do a special Dreamcast Live Stream on our YouTube Channel.

The Dreamcast holds a place in our hearts here at ItsMuchmore, James also known as DreamcastUK will be powering up the white box and SEGA’s last entry into the console market (until the Sega Mega Drive Mini is released later this year), playing a collection of launch title for the UK/Europe release which was slightly later than 09.09.09 and sharing memories of the launch and the Dreamcast console itself.

So at 9PM (21:00 UK Time) this evening ItsMuchMore will be live streaming on the SEGA Dreamcast why not tune in and be part of history all over again – tune in here.

Some great memories growing up were had playing the Sega Dreamcast, bringing the arcade games home playing the likes of Crazy Taxi and Virtua Tennis, these were games I only played when on holiday at a holiday park or at the seaside and only had a few goes of, but having these games in my home and not have to worry about putting a fortune of credits in was an amazing thing.

The previous SEGA consoles we had in the household was the SEGA Master System and the Sega Mega Drive, we skipped on the Sega Saturn as we went for a Nintendo 64 as we saw Goldeneye 007 and we just had to play it. Never owned a Playstation as we were excited to get our hands on the Sega Dreamcast. It was Christmas and three young lads were excited to play this new gaming machine and we wasn’t disappointed, being given Sonic Adventure, The House of the Dead 2 and Ready 2 Rumble Boxing so there was enough excitement to be had with three brothers.

Owning a Dreamcast PAL Kiosk is something which I’ve had in my collection for a number of years and photos have been shared on the ItsMuchMore Instagram and Twitter channels showcasing it as it always seems to do well for conversations, sadly a large amount of our Dreamcast collection was stolen but we are on the mission to complete the full PAL Dreamcast game set, but it will take many years and a lot of money to complete that goal.

Friends always had the Playstation 2 whilst others had the Nintendo 64 or were PC gamers however, I was a Dreamcast kid and regardless of what games and exclusives these other platforms had I was sticking by the Dreamcast, sure we didn’t have EA and big titles didn’t make an appearance but if they did arrive to the Dreamcast 9 times out of 10 the version on the Dreamcast were far better than anything I or my friends had seen.

As the years went by I found myself starting to collect games instead of playing there, there is quite a few games in my Dreamcast collection that I haven’t even played or even looked at, changing from a gamer to a collector this is something which has been enjoyable however, I’ve noticed even the cheapest value of games for the Dreamcast have been creeping up in price recently.

More memories and stories will be told online tonight on the live stream, be sure to tune in.