Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad prequel starring Bob Odenkirk, has been set to premiere in February of 2015.

The show was originally set to premiere in November of 2014, but was pushed back to 2015 and simultaneously given a second season renewal by AMC earlier this year.

mainbcsbbCo-creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould recently explained why the date was pushed. “We could have made the deadline, but I am slow as mud,” said Gilligan. Production has begun in Albuquerque, where a billboard was erected advertising the law offices of one James M. McGill esquire, a lawyer you can trust. 

As a prequel to Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul will tell us how Saul got to the point where we met him. “It reminds me a lot of season five when we had the machine gun in the trunk,” Gould explained. “We knew that was the right image, but we didn’t know how we were going to get there. Breaking Bad is the machine gun in the trunk. We know where this guy (Saul) is going to end up, and we’re going to bring him to that point.” 

As far as cameos from Breaking Bad cast members is concerned, Gilligan and Gould will neither confirm or deny what’s possible. “I don’t think we’re giving anything away to say we’re still figuring this out — including if and when we’ll see some of these characters,” explained Gilligan. “We like nonlinear storytelling.”

Check out the first teaser released by AMC below. Its only 11 seconds, but its a start!

Source – Voice Of TV