We continue our quest to find Nottingham best place for breakfast, a full hearty start to the day that isn’t the usual greasy spoon stop. 

Recommendations take us to Warsaw Diner, on Derby Road, close to Canning Circus. A themed American style diner, red bench seats, bar stools around the counter. Black and white chequer patterned tiles. Always met with a smile and a hello, from the ladies. As its name suggests its Polish owned. Which is quite a mash up on first thought. A whole world of tasty goodness awaits!

Cooking area is an open flat top grill behind the counter where everything cooked fresh to order ruled over by a matriarchal mother, who directs her team with sharp quick words, nods and movements of her head and eyebrows. Whilst quickly glancing at you a warm smile. Hash browns are particular favourite with everyone here, shredded potato straight onto the hot plate. As are the yummy-filling pancakes!

Warsaw Diner is always a busy hustle, with a variety of guests, plenty of students. Families. Soccer-moms. Art-sy types. Those guys who look like they are ready to head to the bookies for an afternoon of horse racing. 

Construction guys dropping in. Clearly word has got around. Many are chatty with each other. If you want to get yourself a seat best to come earlier in the day.

Its worth the trek up the hill, if you are coming from city centre.

Prices are good, staff are friendly, bottomless tea and coffee.


Picture sources: TripAdvisor