The ItsMuchMore breakfast blog continues. We take in some of Nottinghams great breakfast eateries, Brown Bettys has been on St James Street for more than 20 years with a great reputation for quality food. Brown Bettys is a family run establishment that aims to provide a friendly environment for like minded people. Brown Bettys is a little further up than Wetherspoons and Malt Cross. Are those extra steps worth it?


Atmosphere and service Brown Bettys is a small cafe, clearly too small. Decorated to portray a cottage atmosphere in the centre of the city. 2 benches with about 10 seats, in total. Crammed in with 2 fridges and a deli serve over counter at an angle really makes Brown Bettys claustrophobic for those sitting in. While in there potential customers came and left. Warm and friendly service was very much a genuine experience. Downside was frustration between those cooking and orders being taken and outside orders, this may have just been on the morning in question – in such a close environment did not come across welcoming.

Quality of the food. Quality of Brown Bettys is very top notch brunch breakfast. Freshly cooked and prepared, served immediately. With chalk style menus adorning the walls which does make for awkward reading when theres a queue building around you. House name meals, the ‘Angry Joe’, ‘The meat packer’, ‘The bush cutter’ and the ‘The Bomb’ which may not go down with the P.C. sensitivity crowd. Went with the ‘Ciabatta challenge’ a large ciabatta bread chock full of mushrooms, beans, sausages, bacon and a side salad tomato. Rizzollo a special Brown Bettys favourite red bell peppers, red onion, mushrooms, jalenpenos, all in a melted cheese and feta in a kinda-slaw with beans and tomato (with optional bacon.) If you ever needed waking up on a cold and misty morning this will certainly do the trick.  Came away most satisfied, belly full did not eat all day until pretty much the next morning. ‘Sloppy Joes’ comes with many recommendations, appeared to the firm favourite with drop in and take away diners.

Am definitely in favour of rounded up prices were £6 for the respectable meal and £7.50 with a tea/coffee.

Brown Bettys achieves an positive vote, because coming away felt like the best breakfast have had in many a morning. Would have been outstanding if not for the quite apparent frustration in the preparation area behind the counter. Alas not all things come together every time. Delightfully charming staff with smiles and chatter. Be sure to have Brown Bettys on the list if you are looking for a fulfilling meal with a quirky name and a full stomach to boot.