the year 2121 planet Earth is endangered by Black Holes. That is why a special team was created to close them all. But something went terribly wrong…

That’s how the story of Endera spaceship crew starts. You could have thought that when they all got sucked into a black hole, it’s already bad enough and nothing worst could happen. Well think again as after a ‘fortunate’ crash on Entity – an object resembling a planet, the first member to wake up is the guy who made coffee for the crew. He discovers a copied artificial intelligence of the ship, Auriel, on his PDA. Together, they come up with a plan on how to fix their spaceship, save the survivors of the crew and become heroes of the planet Earth by shutting the black hole once and for all. Now think about it. The existence of Mother Earth and the whole human race depends on a guy who’s making coffee. And not a very good one. Now that’s when words ‘terribly wrong’ get a brand new meaning.

Don’t forget to visit the game’s Steam product page: where you can purchase the standard edition for 14.99 EUR and the Collector’s Edition for 22.99 EUR.

Blackhole is an animated 2D sci-fi hardcore platformer that bursts with humor, includes elements of logic, breath-taking story, audio and visuals. The game will allow you to turn from a coffee boy into a hero well known in the entire universe! If you manage to live that long that is. And save the crew. And get back home. Cause you know, saving Earth wouldn’t harm either.

Developed by a Czech independent FiolaSoft studio and originally launched on PC, Blackhole already managed to gather over 96% of positive user reviews on Steam and some fantastic scores from media outlets all over the world:

Platformer of the year. – 10/10 – VG Blogs

Mindblowing platforming experience. – 9.5/10 – Modvive

Hallmark of excellence. – 9/10 – Destructoid

Gorgeous. – 9/10 – Gamer Headlines

Outstanding gameplay and soundtrack. – 9/10 – Re-Play

Pretty good story with humor. – 9/10 – 3rd-Strike

And that’s pretty much thanks to the list of fantastic features the game has to offer:

Explore the colourful caves, a lost city of an ancient civilization, reach the skies in the Entity of huge mountains and have no fear to pass through a living jungle. Every step you make will be worth it! 

Levels are designed in a unique way; turn the gravity in four different directions and reach places you had no chance to reach before. Every level is the same as the other four and it is only up to you to choose the best way in completing your quests. 

Your time in each level is recorded. You can share it with your friends afterwards. Find the fastest way to complete the level and earn the top spot in global charts.

Narrated by the best voice actors of the indie scene. Starring: Mark Whitten, Blake Swift, Kira Buckland, Edwyn Tiong, Anthony Sardinha, Martin Billany, Devon Talbott, River Kanoff, Marissa Lenti and more! Directed by Chris Niosi, the creator of “TOME” series and producer many internet videos.

Made by composers Jakub Miřejovský and Jan Ševčík. Enjoy listening to strong melodies. Rhytmic drums, dynamic dubstep and fairytale orchestra will not keep you calm.


Pass through all the tricky traps and discover all the hidden secrets behind closing black holes.


Animations and all the graphics are hand painted. Everything is prepared for the best gaming experience. Turn the world, laugh and compete for the best times in beautiful HD graphics!

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