What an amazing year 2019 was for ItsMuchMore! We took part in two events JGC Games Fair Dagenham in May 2019 and Retro Games Fair in October.

In between we have seen some great reviews from the team from the theatre, music, restaurants and gaming and everything in between.

Building relationships with companies, brands and communities this is already shaping up to be a good year already for us and have some big plans, we already have two events booked in, we have a Retro Gaming Night on the 10/01/2020 at Geek Retreat Nottingham and then a private event for a local scout group, already done the same amount of events we did for the whole of last year.

Further plans this year would be to make a business out of ItsMuchMore, continue to do the reviews for the theatre as we’ve built a strong partnership with The Theatre Royal & Concert Hall Nottingham and surrounding theatres, plus gaming companies are also sending their games for us to test and review and music PR companies are back again sending their artists gig and music information.

Our YouTube channel is also improving with new content and Collaborations!

This year is going to be great and we want you to be part of it, so why not follow us on all the social platforms, search the internet for ItsMuchMore – we are sure you will find us.