graphically-intense nod to the 3rd person shooter genre, Beyond Flesh and Blood challenges players to blast through multiple levels of hostile scavenger forces and mutating enemy threats on a mission to help reclaim the surface of Earth – set in a future dystopian Manchester

FAQ 2015 answered by Phil Muwanga and Lee Blacklock

IMG_0171.JPGCan you tell us about the game?

Lee: It’s a third-person game, you just happen to be controlling mechs. We absolutely
love robots and all forms of them, from the Japanese ones to the big stomping western
mechs, so things like Steel Battalion were a big influence.

Phil: It pains me that I never got to play Steel Battalion on the big forty-button controller.
I like the idea of a game where when you die, if you don’t press the eject button, you
lose your save file. That’s a wonderful thing!

Is this your first game the studio has done (if not tell us about your other games)?

Phil: Yes, this is our debut title, but Lee and I (co-lead developers) have worked with
other studios. I’ve created indie games while Lee’s worked with AAA studios such as

What games inspired you to make Beyond Flesh and Blood?

Lee: We’ve got a big love of anime and mechs, and being a dev company in
Manchester, we wanted to set the game in a post-apocalyptic version of our city. We
thought that a combination of these two things would be quite a playful scenario.

Phil: The basic thing is we love mechs, we love science fiction, we love action games,
so we are finally able to make the game that we want to make.


Apart from your own game, anything you’re looking forward to or enjoyed this
Phil: We really enjoyed EGX Rezzed. It was important for us to get the game out there
with our UK audiences and to raise the profile of it – we want this to be the surprise hit
of the year!

When can we play your game and what formats?

Lee: You can play the final game at the end of this year, and it will be on PC, XBOX
One and PlayStation 4.

And any other info you would tell us (like music etc)?

Phil: We do have a studio working on an exclusive soundtrack for the game at the
moment – but we can’t confirm any details. At the moment we’re using licensed music
that we bought a while ago when we were creating the assets for Steam Greenlight
(which we got in 13 days!)