Ubisoft® announced that Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms, the real-time strategy browser-based game, will kick off with a brand new season.

In this new season and in order to protect the ritual of the Dwarf Priests, users will have to play cooperatively to build up massive armies and engage in deadly fights against the Dark Elves to defend the runic fortresses.

For those willing to compete against each other, they can enter Asha’s Tournament. At the beginning of each round, each alliance will receive a Tear of Asha and will have to protect it during two weeks while trying to steal the Tears from the others alliances. Points will be awarded for every stolen and safeguarded Tear at the end of the round. Between each round a one-week-break will come up to help gamers to set-up their strategic approach.

Players will also be able to discover a brand new kind of server: the strategic worlds. In this new world players will have access to a limited shop and will have to rely on their skills to make a difference.

For more information about Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms and to join the new season please visit the official website: http://mm-hk.com/partner/HKS4PR

About Might & Magic: Heroes Kingdoms
Might & Magic: Heroes Kingdoms is the first free-to-play online version of the Might & Magic brand. Nothing to download and nothing to install, play for free with thousands of other players directly in your browser!
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