Review : Guinness World Records 2017 [Book]

We at ItsMuchMore were contacted by a local school to see whether we would publish a number of students reviews of books that they have been reading, and of course we were happy to help. 

Here is there review:

The Guinness World Records book bring out a new book every year, it has in it people from all over the world. The book makes us feel happy when we read it so you can relax. Read more about Review : Guinness World Records 2017 [Book]

Review : Killing Floor 2 (PS4)

Humanity is in need of some cleaners, and those cleaners just happen to come with some big ass guns
After an experiment by a biotech company called Horzine goes incrediabily wrong resulting in Europe becoming invested with hordes of, not so typical zombie like monsters, your mission is simple, strap on your weapon and sort this mess out. As a complete noob to this game I had no expectations so I came in with fresh eyes, eager to see what this game had to offer.

Read more about Review : Killing Floor 2 (PS4)

Review : Mamma Mia

Im a big Abba fan so I was really looking forward to watching Mamma Mia on stage. When I sat down the i noticed that on stage was what looked like a little Greek house and i thought ‘If this was the the scenery than I wont think too much of the show’.  Read more about Review : Mamma Mia

Review : Zombie Vikings

Zombie Vikings appealed to me mainly because of the aesthetics the game had to offer. How many games do you see in 2015 that look like the creator picked the characters and scenery straight out of your brain when you were aged just 10 years old?! The charmingly delightful cardboard, mishmash, papier-mâché aesthetics had me sold, a nostalgic feeling creeped over me as I started to play. Read more about Review : Zombie Vikings

Review : Aladdin – Theatre Royal, NOTTINGHAM

This was a magical performance that had the whole family mesmerised, the bright colours and ornate set designs were complemented by the addition of animatronics with a 10ft Blue Genie, a Cobra the length of a swimming pool and a flying carpet that had the whole audience gasping as if flew overhead.  Read more about Review : Aladdin – Theatre Royal, NOTTINGHAM

Review : Blood Brothers

It was with much anticipation we set out to Chesterfield for this production of Willy Russell’s fantastic musical ‘Blood Brothers’ – probably about the 10th time I have seen the musical – this time with one of my 80’s heart throbs – Marti Pellow in the lead role. Read more about Review : Blood Brothers