assassins-creed-4-announcedAfter Assassins Creed 3 I was not as excited for this next installment as I was for the prequels. Partly because I don’t think there will be another character I loved as much as Ezio, seen in the franchise again, but after Assassins Creesd 3, and what I’ve seen and read on Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag,

It is clearly obvious that there is no intention to bring the same style of gaming experience you had with he likes of the first 4 games. From what’s been released so far its clearly a change they plan on keeping.

bFirst things first…. pirates. Why? Not just because I’m a ninja fan boy and I despise the lazy, cheating and stealing bastards, but because a pirate is never supposed to be ‘Assassin’ like. Pirates are not sleek, or calculating, or even too intelligent at the best of times. You just cant feel as bad ass stealthing around as a pirate.

The locations look and sound nice though, Caribbean Islands, can imagine some nice views whilst cruising around on your ship and it would probably take longer to get bored exploring the game world in the what I can only imagine will be bright and sunny settings. It should take a lot longer ac4bf_sc_sp_07_junglefreerunningto memorize the maps though, especially around the jungle settings with all that thick greenery. A jungle setting should propose a more vivid wild life which is something to look forward to, jumping out of trees almost silently taking out innocent animals is always fun, taking out dangerous animals can only be better!

General game play looks too similar to Creed 3 which I felt was a bad move by the creators. They look to have put more thought into the stealth ac4bf_sc_sp_03_navalwarfareaspects, speaking to and taking part in the activities of the people you’re using as cover when sneaking after your target and such. The return of the ships was at first another let down to me but these parts of the games look to have been sharpened up and seem more fluent but 2+ ships battling it out was never going to be swift.

The commentary with the E3 demo made me think there will be an exploration aspect of he game using the ships, I imagine having to take over boats at sea just like the forts and enemy bases in previous games. The boating will need to be a better experience than 3 if the creators want players to enjoy this.

Overall AC4 BF looks like a AC3 in make up and a new dress, hopefully I am wrong!

Written By Ryan ‘CheeseyMofoDude’ Yates (Check out his previous Assassins Creed Series Impression So Far article)