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Ameba for Dreamcast demo first look!

As 2015 seems to be the year of the Sega Dreamcast with new games and previous online titles being brought back to life such as Toy Racer, Planet Ring and soon to be Alien Front Online with the server software becoming available which has made its way to the right people to do some good with them, it’s only right that we some a bit of time to talk about Ameba which is an upcoming detective adventure from retrosumus. The game is set in Madrid, Spain; and is an immersive criminal drama in the form of a western-made visual novel featuring full-screen, high-resolution 2D artwork.

 Players will control veteran cop Hugo Smirnov in his obsessive quest to find the truth about what he feels were covered up murders, closed under false pretenses. His powers of observation will be the key to success as well as the reason why most of his work mates still don’t fully trust him.

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A early demo video of Ameba running on a Sega Dreamcast was shown last month at RetroBarcelona, I must say from the footage and visuals I’ve seen this is a game I am looking forward to play on the Sega Dreamcast here is hoping for full box art manual and all the trimmings.
You can view the early demo footage here

Also with a new petition started on change.org to bring out an upgraded Sega Dreamcast with HD video output, Wifi and many more updates we can only see good things coming to the Dreamcast, so if you don’t own one already now is the time to pick one up, also details of the petition and how to sign up can be found here

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