thekillingcancelledagainI can understand why, as generally season 3 wasn’t too great in doses, but the overall season from episode to episode i thought generally was excellent. It ones of the most suspenseful TV viewing out there still, however AMC have decided my thoughts alone ( 🙁 ) were not enough, as they have cancelled The Killing after the end of season 3.

The US version of The Killing (adapted from its danish counterpart) was originally cancelled at the end of season 2. Most of the criticism towards it, was that the whole case of season 1, was left on a cliff hanger, and never revealed, whereas viewers felt it should have been concluded, but they were forced to watch another season, to find out the real conclusion. This effected some people may have just wanted to watch the one season, and stuck by it for a resolution. The decision was then changed, as the fans wanted more.

I personally enjoyed season 1 and season 2,  and every single episode in season, were amazing, tense, and gripping TV. I’ve tried watching the recent outing of The Bridge (another adaptation, from a Norwegian TV show), which focuses on a single case, but its not a patch on The Killing, in story or characters.

Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) - The Killing _ Season 3 _ Gallery - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMCThe Killing Season 3 was a bit disappointing, and from the offset i personally worked out who the killer was, but the supporting actors were amazing, and some of the other story lines going on were great. Peter Sarsgaard was like watching a magician at work. He was fantastic.  I would still highly recommend watching season 3, as it is still better than most TV out there today, and its a shame that with its cancellation, and the cliffhanger left here at the end, we may never get another run through, unless the exec make another U turn, like they did at the end of the season 2, after the backlash from fans around the world.

It may not be a massive money maker, but The Killing was one of the best series on TV in the last few years, and some of the best actors about at the moment, especially with Joel Kinnaman who has shone in every scene he has played in. He is one for the future. Mireille Enos was again solid throughout, but getting more bigger roles in the future may cause issues with a return. But that’s the same with all these actors, they are getting so big now, and are so talented, they its no surprise they are moving on again.

Here’s hoping The Killing (US) returns one way or the other, and hopefully all these characters return in full force.

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