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The story of ItsMuchMore:

Founded in 2013 by the creators UKRockers who were once a successful gaming clan & community.

UKRockers were regularly seen competing in online gaming ladders and tournaments such as Gamebattles, EnemyDown, Clanbase to name a few. UKRockers were the online clan to take part in clan matches on every single gaming console/system such as Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Xbox, NGage, GameCube, PC the list goes on, but the founders decided to call it a day after 11 long years, such a great community was built gaining many great friendships along the way, many of them are still active today and fly the flag of UKRockers “UKR”.


Both myself (@Jarvis1983uk) and Daniel (@RockerJarvis) decided that playing competitive gaming just didn’t seem to rock our boats anymore, for the simple fact that the vast amount of clans back then didn’t show up for online clan matches and lead them to be cancelled and hours/days wasted training for the match and with heavy server and website costs meant UKRockers couldn’t keep up with the ever-changing environment, as our members got older, people’s personal life’s took priority which lead to the downfall of UKRockers.

UKRockers Clan at GameCity Nottingham
GameCity Nottingham

As mentioned above many online matches were forced to cancel, as our very own members didn’t want to waste their time waiting around for a match to happen and for no one to show up and get a auto win, was just pointless.

To make matters worse for UKRockers our website became inactive with an empty forum room and members leaving to do other things this all took its toll and lead to the doors closing for UKRockers.

There were some great highlights for UKRockers which included being invited to Retrovision 5 lead in Frome, Somerset UK where we hooked up a number consoles for the public to come along and play via LAN (Sega Dreamcast / Sony Playstation 2 / Microsoft Xbox), also being invited to help with the very first GameCity Festival in Nottingham, like Retrovision 5 we had consoles and games on display for the general public to play free of charge (Microsoft Xbox , Sega Dreamcast , Nintendo Gamecube , Sony Playstation 2 , Microsoft Xbox 360 , Sony PSP).

UKRockers will live on in the hearts of the people who was part of the journey from the early days of Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 and GameCube to Xbox online gaming to the final days on PC and Xbox 360.

It wasn’t just gaming for UKRockers, a number of different avenues were attempted such as online radio, using Metal-Lynx and Radio-N forming UKR Radio, which at the time was very enjoyable, also creating videos on which were later uploaded to YouTube.

Hosting and supporting a number of different tournaments for websites such as GameScrubs and hosting the first ever online Mario Kart Double Dash tournament on Warp-Pipe which Nintendo themselves gave us prizes to give out to the winners and players taking part.

Over the years UKRockers found that people used UKRockers as somewhat of a stepping stone to further develop their gaming careers, this lead to a number of successful teams/clans and players being formed off the back of UKRockers, UKRockers were glad that they paved the way for those people and myseld and founders of UKRockers wish you all the best of luck and hope that if our paths meet again we can look back on the times we were together.


UKRockers Charity Work

  • Raised £100 for the Richard House Hospice Charity – 1999
  • 24hr gaming event to raised money for the Royal Hospital for sick children – 2011
UKRockers @ RetroVison 5 Frome, Somerset 2005
RetroVison 5 Frome, Somerset

UKRockers Website References:

UKRockers Achievements on Ladder Websites:

  • Halo 2 – Xbox EU Ladder Winners – 2004
  • Medal of Honour Allied Assault – Obj Realism Cup Fall 2004 International – Runners Up – 2004
  • Far Cry – Xbox EU Ladder Winners – 2005
  • Call of Duty 3 – XBOX 360 EU Ladder Winners – 2006
  • TrackMania Nations – PC 2on2 OC Fall – Runners Up – 2006
UKRockers @ GameOn London 2006
GameOn London 2006

Events which UKRockers attending or took part in:

  • UKRockers attending Nintendo VIP launch party of the Nintendo GameCube – London – 2002
  • UKRockers attended The PlayStation Experience – London – 2003
  • Hosted a display at RetroVision 5 – Frome, Somerset – 2005
  • Hosted a display at GameCity – Nottingham, Nottinghamshire – 2006
  • UKRockers attended GameOn – London – 2006

Clan Matche stats on GameBattles Ladder website for Xbox 360:

  • Gears of War (360) – Played 26 – Won 17 – Lost 9
  • Guitar Hero 3 (360) – Played 8 – Won 6 – Lost 2
  • Call of Duty 3 (360) – Played 37 – Won 29 – Lost 8
  • Call of Duty 4 (360) – Played 16 – Won 10 – Lost 6
  • 2010 marked the 10th Anniversary of UKRockers as a clan and community.
  • Appeared in the 360 Gamer Magazine Issue 73
  • UKRockers members reunited at EuroGamer Expo (EGX) 2012 for a one off meetup.

ItsMuchMore.com Logo

It wasn’t an easy leap from clan & community to a blog/review website, we had to build trust and relationships with developers, PR, publishers and organisations to enable us to create ItsMuchMore and to do something that we can see us doing for years to come and that’s reviewing games / writing news and being part of events and expos.

ItsMuchMore.com Logo 1In our eyes gaming was just the start, after building those contacts within the gaming world opened the doors to opportunities such as Theatre / Movies and local/national events giving us press access to those. This to lead to more possibilities which is the real reason for our name ItsMuchMore because we simply was much more than gaming.

We’ve worked a number of different companies over the years that include Ubisoft , Deep Silver , Sega , Nintendo , PR Outreach , EA , Reef Entertainment , Warner Bros Games all of which have given us their latest game releases for us to feature and review as part of ItsMuchMore.

ItsMuchMore have previously worked with companies such as OnLive, THQ and Capcom, and also took part in a number of local events in ItsMuchMore’s home town of Nottingham such as Nerd Fest and GameCity as well as attending the Expos EuroGamer Expo (EGX) Rezzed , PlayExpo each year as part of press.

This is what myself and the remaining UKRockers members enjoy doing as part of ItsMuchMore, now that we don’t play online games as a team or clan, its great that something we’ve enjoyed doing for a number of years writing and talking about games has allowed us to test some of the latest Gadgets , attend gigs and Musicals just to name a few so we are busy all the time improving and updating our website.

UKRockers Clan LogoItsMuchMore Logo 2We have had no funding throughout the time of UKRockers and ItsMuchMore and have never been sponsored in any way shape or form, we work through the website in our own time and all work full-time so all the money we earn goes into the website / servers / giveaways and just the general up keep, yes we get sent the games and tickets for free but everything else to keep the website a float is paid by us, we hope to continue to write reviews and support this website/blog for many years to come.



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