A week has passed since ItsMuchMore founders James (DreamcastUK) and Daniel (RockerJarvis) attending EGX at the NEC Birmingham, so thinking back about the expo was it bigger and better than last year?

IMG_3967.JPGWell as mentioned in my previous mini write up I spent most of the day in the indie and retro area which is my preferred place to be because I knew I would get to play at least a few games.

Ok so comparing it to last year, this was the male or break for EGX in my eyes as last year was shocking I got to only play a handful of games and spent more hours queuing than it did to take me to travel to London, thankfully this years EGX was closer to home being in Birmingham, so travelling from Nottingham wasn’t bad at all, and we got a lift there by car so everything was ticking the right boxes before EGX, less said about the build up to EGX the better as there was a right mess around with our press tickets so we didn’t even know if we were even going to attend let alone speak about it, with that out of the way and sorted quickly by the Eurogamer EGX team we were back to our excited ‘running around like a school kid’ mode.

 The NEC Birmingham had a number of different events taking place at the same time so locating EGX seemed a little difficult as there wasn’t no big signs saying this way or that way, that we could see from our car park so we followed the crowd and near enough ended up in a bike exhibition luckily someone shouted out if your heading to EGX go this way.

Ok so we are in the right hall and there was a bit of queueing nothing that we’ve not already seen before, yes we had press tickets and could of properly used a different queue but as we had friends with us who weren’t we queued up with the rest of the customers, walking into EGX we used to be greeted by staff/volunteers handing out maps or leaflets or just a genuine welcome, didn’t get none of that this year so had to use the EGX app to find my way around.

 Lots of bright colours and sounds and excited faces were ahead of me, the new venue had more atmosphere to it than the big empty warehouse feel than last year, it seemed many of the games had a handful of friendly staff/volunteers to talk to you about their game and tell you in detail how to play it but also treating you as an individual and spending the time with you to ask how your day has been and what you played so far etc which I thought was nice.
As mentioned previously I felt that Team 17 had the best booth/stand of the whole EGX with a wide range of games and friendly staff so I spent a lot of the time there just talking to the guys if not jumping on a game when a pad was free, I felt that this year speaking to the team and the devs of the games was great and you can see the passion in their eyes when they spoke about the projects that they’ve worked hard to showcase at this years EGX.

If I was to sub up the EGX it would be a great day out and doing everything I wanted to do, I didn’t queue for anything, for some reason the queue for subway was longer than most games that I played and I don’t understand why most guys were queueing to use the loos who weren’t in cosplay instead of the urinals it just makes no sense.

 If I was to pick the two games I enjoyed playing the most at EGX it would be Gunnihilation and Raging Justice.
If I was also to pick two games that I wished I could of played longer and will be looking forward to playing the demo and preview soon goes to The Intruder and Sheltered.

Food and drink at the NEC Birmingham was also better than I thought even though our bags were not searched by anyone entering the expo I could of brought some food with me to save me twenty quid but hey ho.

I got to play some retro consoles that I’ve always wanted to give a go, I played a Panasonic 3DO and a Amstrad GX4000, yes they were very good but least I can say I’ve given them a go and would be happy to play them again.

 Playing Rockband 4 on vocals was also fun, sadly there was no footage of me singing so guess that’s a good thing.

If you haven’t done so already check out my mini write up of EGX 2015 here, we will also be playing through some of the games that were on display in our YouTube and Twitch channels so make sure you’ve subscribed to both of those, also let us know what you thought about this years EGX and how it compares to last years also what games you liked and didn’t like as we would love to hear from you.