In what looks like one of the largest space battles in video game history, over 4000 players took to well above the stars within Eve Online over the weekend on 28 July 2013, for an epic 5 hour plus battle between two of the games biggest alliances.

_69001656_fleetofthedemigodsSpace battles, with ships that vary in size from small trading vessels to giant capital ships. are a fact of life within the Eve Online universe, players traverse the detailed virtual star systems seeking resources to use to prosper. These resources can be found on planets and in asteroids, or acquired through piracy or other underhand means.

The two sides here were fighting for control of the resources within several of the game’s solar systems. At its peak the battle involved 4,070 pilots and their ships. The battle pitted spaceships belonging to CFC  (ClusterF**k Coalition) against those from The TEST Alliance in a region of space known as 6VDT. It ended in victory for CFC.

Erlendur Thorsteinsson, one of Eve Online’s developers, confirmed in a tweet that the battle was the biggest ever seen in the game.

Game time was slowed to 10% of normal to lighten the load on servers working out who was shooting at whom.

The pivotal moment in the battle took place two hours in, when CFC sent in a large fleet of capital ships – the most powerful in the game.

Their arrival prompted many members of the Test Alliance to try to flee.

It is believes by the end of the conflict over 2,900 ships had been destroyed, which would also have a real world cost to there gamers here, as the games internal currency can be bought with real money. No one has worked out the total value yet, but a similar battle earlier this year caused massive destruction, yet to far fewer ships, and that damage came in at around $15000 (£10,000)

The giant battle was the culmination of a long campaign by CFC to force the Test Alliance out of 6VDT.

Some have speculated that it may be the only the first of a series of conflicts that seek to extinguish TEST.

We will keep an eye on the outcome of any major further battles, but by the looks of things, this could be a very tasty affair coming up for CFC and TEST.