300cineworlddoubleplayExclusively at Cineworld in IMAX 3D! A one-night double bill of the EPIC 300 and it’s much anticipated sequel 300: Rise Of An Empire. Check your local Cineworld to see if they are having this most epic or proportions double bills, as it will be a spectacular evening,

More than 30 years before the events of ‘300’, the Greeks and Persians clash at the pivotal Battle of Marathon. Still a young man, the future Persian God King Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) mourns the death of his father as he falls under the influence of feisty, ambitious naval commander Artemisia (Eva Green). She witnessed her entire family being slaughtered and now burns for vengeance. Meanwhile, general Themistocles (Sullivan Stapleton) sets out to bring together the disunited Greek nation states and avenge the death of King Leonidas. The stage is set for a breathtaking sea battle! Adapted from Frank Miller’s latest graphic novel, the blood-soaked ‘Rise of an Empire’ is told in the same vivid, kinetic style as its predecessor. It also unfolds on a larger canvas, taking in battles before, after and parallel to those of ‘300’.


Gerard Butler, Christopher Lambert, Michael Fassbender, Aaron Eckhart, Lena Headey, Rodrigo Santoro, Eva Green, Yigal Naor, Sullivan Stapleton


Noam Murro, Russell Mulcahy

Running Time

230 minutes


Action, Drama

Release date

6th March 2014

Available screening types

Imax 3D

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