After a busy day shopping and walking around the historical city of York seeing all the sights we built up an appetite and fancied some fish & chips.

Searching the Internet we found a couple of posh well-to-do restaurants but didn’t fancy anything over the top and then we found Wackers, from when you walk in it was everything that we was looking for, nothing to fancy just a lovely family run restaurant and take-away, so you walk in and find yourself a seat the place was huge with loads of seats to choose from if you wanted a booth or wooden window seat so we found a nice booth.

 Ordered the haddock and chips with garden peas and Yorkshire fish cake, chips and mushy peas and a pot of tea and juice, it didn’t break the bank when it came to cost and looking at the potion size I was more than happy to pay that, there was also a handful of extras that we purchased that you would expect from a chippy such as gravy and slice of bread, I can safety say the food was outstanding and the staff were really friendly plus the speed of the service was also something that I can tip my hat to as it was nothing more than first class.

I am so glad I found this restaurant and this alone would be the reason we would return to York, with clean facilities and welcoming atmosphere, we now know that this restaurant is truly a great ‘plaice’ to visit.